Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunsella stainless steel vegetable steamer

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everyone. I've had electric steamers before and it was something that I'd get and use for a while then I would get aggravated with the cleaning process and the bulkiness and the all around finickiness of them and it would sit in my cabinets taking up valuable storage space with its new job as a dust collector until I ultimately give it away. Those things are expensive too and I've had like 3 of them myself at different points in life and it always ends up the same. Sometimes its just best not to have the top of the line mechanical dohickey when there is a more basic option. You see I do enjoy steamed veggies. They hold their shape and flavor a lot better even when they are as done as I like them to be but when its an event to have them, well its just easier to dump the veggies in a pain with water and boil em. With this well I can have the ease of boiling and eat my steamed veggies too! Super easy. Take the pot of your choice (its adjustable) stick the closed steamer in it.
Add water until just below the steamer

 Stick your fingers in the inside hole to pull it open until it fills the pan

  •  Add the veggies, lid it, and I heat to boiling them reduce to a simmer

 When the veggies are done move them and find the center ring with a fork and you can pull it out of the pan that way, I just sit it on the counter cause it's not leaking anywhere or particularly hot.

 After you dump the veggies out onto a plate you can just spray the whole thing down with the sprayer and then close it back up and you're ready to store it

 All that's left is some water in the pot and some delicious veggies!

The thing I think I like the most is really that its super hard to burn your food in it even if you're playing video games while cooking lol. If you'd like one for yourself you can pick it up here.
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