Friday, August 15, 2014

Weight Gurus smartphone tracking digital scale.

I received this product for free to review via

OK when I got this I opened it up and couldn't figure out how to turn the thing on, I swear it took me like half an hour to figure out there was a little plastic pull tab preventing the battery from making a connection so ilk start with that so you don't do the same. Set up was surprisingly easy, I did have to read the booklet that comes with it and it asks some semi hard to answer questions like your activity level which I assume is meant to figure into your bmi. I got it set up, you just answer the questions with some touch screen buttons on the front then step on for your first weigh in. Then I downloaded the app onto my phone. The way it works is it tells you all of the real numbers and flashes up a bar code thing for your phone to read to store your numbers.this actually isn't as much of a pain as some other reviews would lead you to believe, I simply bring up the app and click the sync button before getting on the scale. I hold the phone around belly level and when it cycles through the app reads the barcode and puts the numbers on your phone. You then have the option to change the numbers if you'd like, for example if you know your bmi you can input that instead of having the app use its educated guess. Once you submit your scores it brings up a nifty graph that shows how your weight has changed day by day. Now, if you are wondering why you need this here is what it did for me. No matter what it is I have been trying to do to get back down to my previously tiny, naturally skinny, eat whatever I want and still lose weight body that I had before having kids, it has not worked. I mean I lost some weight here and there after working out to the point that I literally couldn't but even going full vegan for a month did nothing. I watched a documentary because, well I like documentaries and it was saying how people aren't meant to eat grains (and many other things but this was the main point I got out of it) then I watched another that said all the heart healthy low fat eat your weight in bread diet is a total crock and is what is makinging us fat and sick. So I decided not to eat them anymore and believe me more than 80% of my diet was starch. Seriously breakfast if I ate it was usually eggs and potatoes of some sort usually with toast lunch was potatoes or ramen or a sandwich (sometimes even a mashed potato sandwich) and then dinner was meat and veggies (well sometimes no meat) with at least one of the following potatoes, rice, pasta or bread sometimes a combination of the two. So I subbed it out for veggies and nuts and cheese and eggs and meat. I was eating way more than I was before and definitely more fat and calories and I was losing weight, like massively losing weight. Then one day I slip up and eat 2 slices of thin crust pizza (the little squares) and 3 bread bites so that's like half a bread stick and I gained almost 3 days worth back. Crazy right?

I would never have known without this scale and app combo. As long as you remember what you ate yesterday (or keep a good diary maybe) this scale basically can tell you what you are doing wrong so you can fix it. If you skip a day it assumes what your weight was yesterday depending on your weight today. Now as far as the water bmi and like fat percentages go I haven't really figured out how to use those numbers but the fact that the app charts these things is really invaluable and it is much cheaper that the scales that are Bluetooth or wifi connected and do this all by themselves. I just think its great and on the app it allows you to set goals and tells you how close you are to them. Kt also supports multiple users (five i think) though I havent set that up yet. If you'd like to try one for yourself you can pick it up here.
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