Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sunsella Mighty Pops (silicone ice pop molds)

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everyone. So let me just start out with saying that we have all at some point been at a cross roads with our parenting. Seeing how happy our kids are to scarf down some of those cheap frozen sticks of colored water over at your grandmothers house. The same kind you had when you were a kid (and loved) that are nothing but cold sugar and artificial flavoring that you cringe at the thought of supplying in your own home yet let your kids enjoy on occasions like this (I may be health conscious but I'm not a monster) you would of course prefer a healthier treat like those all fruit bars but they are so expensive when you are trying to feed 3 kids so its a rare treat indeed. Then you spot some of those diy Popsicle makers pick them up and resolve to make your own at home. It works OK I guess but they are a pain to get loose and are so messy dripping all over the place, and you've always got the one kid who eats it sideways and loses the other half leading to tears from both the kid and mommy. And those aforementioned frozen sticks of colored water freeze the little hands and can cut into the sides of the mouth (I can't be the only one) I don't know, maybe you don't have these kind of problems but I did so I was super stoked when given the chance to review these. The first go round I decided to make smoothie pops out of frozen raspberries and yogurt, almond milk and some raw honey for a sweetener. Blended it up and Scooped the slushed fruit mixture out into the molds leaving some space for expansion at the top capped it and tossed it into the freezer. I've heard complaints of these being hard to fill because they don't come with any sort of a stand and honestly I don't see how that could have made it any easier unless maybe you were pouring liquid into them like juice or koolaid and even still I would think holding it in my hand would work best. It said it doesn't leak so I just laid them on their side. And let them freeze. It was the next day before I decided to give them to the kids, in the bathtub. I'm not crazy these are raspberry blackberry and blueberry not trying to stain the carpet. As a result I didn't take pictures of the first time trying them but my only complaint was they were rather seedy. The kids didn't mind and it had nothing to do with the molds lol. I rolled them around in my hands and bent the bottoms to make sure the Popsicles were loose before handing them over to the kids and there were no complaints of cold hands (I had one too) they were just really all around awesome. They didn't stain despite the dark berries and the mold even survived being chewed on a bit without having even a dent left behind. Since I didn't get pictures of those getting eaten I made some more this time with frozen peaches orange juice and honey and they were awesome. Didnt have Any issues with messes either. I rinsed them after and ran them through the dishwasher and they came out perfect. If you'd like to check them out yourself you can pick one up here.

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