Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crystal Wash Giveaway (closed)

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone!!! Super excited today. Took my sweet time on this one just to prove to myself that this was truly legit. OK get this, you know how you always put laundry soap in the machine to wash your clothes? Maybe you've even gotten the little pouches you can just toss in because they are convenient? Maybe you buy special *expensive* laundry detergent because its better for the environment or made for sensitive skin. Maybe like me you went out and bought the non scented kind cause the regular kind broke out your kid's skin? I always thought it was crazy paying so much for soap that didn't even leave your clothes with a scent other than water. But you gotta do it right? Not technically.

 Even the littlest can help with the laundry
 I freaking LOVE these things!!!!
The reason we use soaps for cleaning is because without getting too very technical it makes the water and oils play well together for at least as long as it takes for the oil to pull the dirt out and the water to pull the oil out. So if you could do that without soap your clothes would get just as clean. That is exactly what this company did. They took some kind of bio ceramic that has the effect of raising the pH of the water and making the molecules smaller so it can effectively pull the dirt out of your clothes. This actually turns the water into hydrogen peroxide which sanitizes your clothes without bleaching them. If I fully understood everything about it, I would probably have just invented the thing myself but that is the gist of it. All of this and you can recharge its power just by sitting the balls in the sun for an afternoon. I know its crazy. But I have been using them exclusively for my laundry since I got them about a month ago. Given my household I've been able to run the gambit on them too. They have faced up to mystery working man stains that by the way my detergent could not get out including collar stains and stains from the strap of a dirty tool bag rubbing on his shirt. Stinky dirty socks. Children's accidents type 1 and 2 (think about it). Blood, and greasy rags (from cleaning the stove top). I even got to try it out on stinky pet odors and still the offending jacket came out clean smelling and in fact hair free as did the rest of the load. In every case these blew me away. All of my clothes are clean, I don't have to buy laundry detergents anymore. I actually still have some I haven't used left over. They are meant for 1000 washes. Retail price is 50$ plus shipping but you can get it for less.. I'll get back to that in a minute but let's do the math. That is $0.05 a load. Looking on Amazon Seventh Generation free and clear packs which are also supposed to me more environmentally friendly and natural and convenient are $0.30 a load. That's 6* the price. The cheapest I could find (not even natural just cheap) were $0.16 a load. So we are talking huge savings plus that's 10* the packaging you are not having to throw away. The crazy thing is they are actually making it even better and you can help. Pay attention this is how you can get this even cheaper. They have a kickstarter going on right now to develop a smart version that has a built in chip that tells you when to recharge it in the sun based on the waters pH, gives you real time reports of your laundry's pH level, how much you've saved, some type of laundry tracking stats not sure what that is for but whatever. It has a stain guide and a label decoder so you know how to care for your clothes properly and best of all will notify you when your laundry is done washing and even how many washes you have left before needing to order another set. All of this via Bluetooth right onto an app on your phone. Super cool right?? I know I for sure want to check it out! Even if only for the "put your clothes in the drier" alert lol. Any who, if you support their kick starter you can actually get either version or both versions or several sets (at a steep discount) or you  know like a T-shirt, or a laundry bag or a fuzzy feeling you are helping a small company and the environment and maybe yourself and if you are loaded and wanna give them a boatload of cash they are even giving away a gold washer and drier set (for like 10k) I'll put both links but I suggest clicking the one for their KICKSTARTER first so if it is still running you can get the discount price and check out what all they are doing more in depth than I have done here otherwise here is where you can buy it any old time and don't forget this is a giveaway so please enter below, it cost nothing and your might win a few years of free laundry. Tell your friends don't be greedy and enter!!! Trust me, you want this. Oh and if you do want scented laundry you can always use fabric softeners or those little bead things that are just for making your laundry smell good or essential oils. So y'all know I have had a winner for every contest I've posted, I don't post the winners name publicly because you might not want everyone knowing but if you do, feel free to comment anytime. More giveaways coming soon too so enter them!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Minzos 4 in 1turbo pen

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! So if you are going to have one pen on you this one pretty much takes the cake. I mean heck it has a laser pointer that can be used for a presentation, or for playing with your pets, or small kids and even for directing dense people. It has a flashlight which comes in handy in a dark room or if you've dropped something or if you are hunting through a drawer..

It has both a pen and a stylus so its handy whether your tablet is of the highest tech or kicking it old school. Now the stylus itself is built very nice, much sturdier than the write through kind. The pen is of good quality as well and writes well. The batteries are easy to change out when you need to. Now for the downsides as both the laser pointer and the flashlight are on the end with the pen clip you have to be careful not to shoot yourself in the eye with it if storing it in the shirt pocket. As the flashlight is at the opposite end from the pen its no good for writing in the dark. As the stylus is actually the cap covering the pen one would think you should at least be able to fasten it on the opposite end while you use the pen so as to not lose the stylus however, it doesn't fit. I really think this is a great tool for home and office. The led flashlight is bright. The laser is on point. The pen works well and the stylus looks like it will last years if you don't lose it. I hope they come out with a new model where the cap will fasten on both ends and it has a use able flashlight on both ends (or at least on the business end) because then I could truly say it was the perfect pen. If you'd like to check it out yourself you can pick it up here.

Coosh 13000 mah portable powerbank

I received this product for free to review

Hey everyone! So this has so far been my favorite portable charger I've tried out, and why wouldn't it be? From the smooth super soft feel of the textured plastic to the massive battery supply that can charge my kids tablet ( a kids fire tablet) 4 times from dead to full on a single charge. Meaning I get peace and quiet even on the most horribly boring appointment packed days. It actually has a bit of battery to spare after all that so the momma could make an emergency call if need be.

This is definitely not the tiniest charger out there but who needs tiny when you can have power. It even has 2 seperate charging slots to pop on a second device (if you've brought another cord) though to be fair one port charges twice as fast, which actually may be a good thing I mean if you are charging the phone and the tablet you want to make sure your phone gets most of the power right? Heck I can even use it to charge my phone and my portable speaker and keep the party going all night anywhere! I really love this thing. it's become part of my morning routine of things to grab along with my shades, mod, juice, keys, purse, phone, and diapers. So much so I almost forgot I was supposed to review it. You can forget most of the puny little battery chargers and be glad you picked this one up here.