Wednesday, August 6, 2014

shandali ultrasport travel towel

I received this product for free to review via

My first test of the product!
OK so let me start out by saying I love this towel! Its tiny and thin and light. Its soft and absorbent and dries quickly. Now by absorbent you know how when you dry off with a towel it gets most of the water off and the air does the rest? That is not the case at all with this one skin ends up dry. Completely dry. Even hair gets drier, though not entirely dried but much drier than a regular towel. Most microfiber items I've used require them to be damp before they will really absorb well so I was impressed that this one didn't. It also didn't have a grainy feeling to it its completely smooth. I am going to get more of these because they are comfortable and convenient. Have you ever tried to pack towels for 5 people? Space quickly becomes an issue. Especially when you're taking your family out to the beach and you just have all this stuff you need. Toys, sunblock, food, drinks, an extra change of clothes and all of those bulky towels. This one is so small I could fit them all in the space one would normally take up with room to spare. And if you are going to the gym or something it would easily fit in your gym bag or purse even.

Another couple of benefits I noticed is the material while being light and thin is very dense. It actually would make for an awesome blanket if they decided to make one big enough but in any case it warms you up fast when you wrap it around your shoulders. Last thing I promise. While I otherwise regret getting the smaller size (it a comes in two) it fits my kids perfectly and an even better bonus does anyone remember those hair towels that were touted as being fashionable and how it would dry your hair perfectly and  yada yada? Well it fits on my head just as perfectly as those do in the commercials and I tuck the tail through the little loop they provided for hanging it up with.

They sold me I'm buying more! If you'd like to get your own you can do so here.
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