Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ozeri weightmaster 400lbs digital scale

I received this product for free to review via

 Green with a loss
 Red with a gain
Height, bmi, user # (so you know it knows you are you)

OK so it seems like everything in this world is getting smarter. I mean everything. A few years ago(like 7) I got a really cool glass digital scale and I thought that was the best there was ever going to be and now I know better. Just so you know this particular scale isn't all that fancy. It doesn't link to your cell phone or come with apps but what it does do is really freaking cool. So when you get it out of the box there is a little setup involved. First you have to install the batteries, which are your basic AAA batteries (2) and they are included. Easy peasy, easier then some TV remotes even. (Why do they make those so hard anyway?) Then it simply asks you for your user number (I picked 1 cause you know I'm #1 :) and your height which you dial in using the little up and down touch screen arrows. Then you get on it and it weighs you. This part is because it tracks up to 5 people on the same scale. Now it tells you things like your BMI and that's why it needs your height and it tells you how much you've gained or lost over the past 3 and 7 times you've weighed yourself (or days if you do what it says and weigh yourself only once per day) I like it because unlike my previous scale I can just step on it and it will weigh me. I don't have to step on then off then back on and as a bonus along with the numbers it clearly lights up red if you've gained any weight since your last weigh in or green if you've lost weight and tells you the difference (yay no thinking or math) then tells you the same over the last 3 then 7 weigh ins! Unfortunately for me I have the slight problem of compulsively stepping on I every time I'm in the bathroom but its still really cool, its easy to use. A simple scale that let's you know if you are on the right track whether you are trying to gain weight or lose it. Its not bad looking either and comes in black or white (mine is white) if you would like one for yourself you can buy one here.
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