Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Foxbrim advanced hydrating serum

I received this product for free to review via tomoson.com

The serum comes in a nice brown glass bottle with a dropper.

 The first thing I noticed is it really reminds me of hair gel. Same smell, same consistency. Well, until you put it on thankfully. Instead it feels silky and tingly in a refreshing sort of way. It soaks in pretty quickly too and instantly adds softness. The most intense thing I noticed though is how much it brightens your skin. Like instantly so I decided to demonstrate this by applying it to only half of my face.
Can you notice it on the right side of my face left side in the picture? I assume it has to do with the moisturizing aspect as my skin feels much rougher on the side that it wasn't applied. Now this serum actually contains vitamin c vitamin e and MSM as well as the hyaluronic acid so I think it saves you some steps in the morning as well. 
I've been using this for a little over a week now and the last photo is with my face fully covered instead of only half. I really like it, it smoothed me out and I haven't seen a downside. If you'd like to try it yourself you can get your own bottle here.
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