Tuesday, August 25, 2015

SmartShave Safety Razor

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everybody! So I know it's been awhile but there is going to be alot coming out back to back just whenever I can fit in a spare minute.

As you May know I have been using a safety razor all year. So many great reasons to own one.

  1. They are cheap. For a lower end brand you are paying about as much as you would for a pack of blades in your gillette for the shaver itself.
  2. The upkeep is way cheap. how does around $0.02 a shave with a brand new blade sound. Yeah, turned me on a bit too.
  3. They work really really well. i feel like I get a much closer shave on a single pass with no effort.
  4. SHHH! Women can use them too. I don't know about you but in order to fully shave it kills a blade for me. I mean I'm shaving like 60% of my body or more in a sitting. Does Not matter if I'm rocking a fancy 6 blade beast with a dyson ball and a built in vibrator or a safety razor with one blade the results are the same, if I'm gonna be hairless that blade is trash. I actually shave far more often now just because it costs practically nothing.
  5. They look nicer. OK that may be a dumb reason to buy a shaver but whatever, I'm not even that girly and I will still wear a pair of 5 inch heels cause I think it looks a bit sexier so whatever its totally valid.
  6. You only need one. Unless the people in your house tend to shave at the same time (weird.) Since I change the blades out every time anyway we never actually needed a second shaver.
  7. The shaving creams are so much more awesome! Yes technically you could use these with your disposable but man I swear the whole process just feels like you are spoiling yourself with the warm fragrant lather (my fav is avocado) the soft brush building up amazing clouds of goodness you spread on your legs only to swipe it totally clean with the fresh blade. 
Now so far I have only tried two brands of safety razors and you've seen the first one on your tv so I'm just going to do a little compare and contrast.

My other shaver is a butterfly type which means when I turn the handle the metal pieces at the top that hold the blades, open up like wings which makes it real easy to change blades and to rinse the blade while you are shaving so it doesn't get clogged up with hair. This is the only thing I like better about my old shaver.

This one comes apart into 4 pieces if you are counting the blade.(handle, base, blade, cover) Makes it slightly harder to keep clean while you are using it but the payoff to that is your blade is held in much more securely so there is less of a chance of a nick. It also has three post to hold the razor in place which don't really help to hold it in straight so its something you will need to watch for when you are replacing the blade.

Another feature this on this are the cool grooves at the bottom of the blade, really keeps the blade open and makes it harder to get a clog.

The thing I like the best about this shaver is the fact that it is so heavy. Heavy is a good thing in the wide world of shaving because you really aren't supposed to need to press down on your razor, it should just glide across your skin and shear you with its own weight thanks to the beautiful sharp blade you install.

I really think that old school shaving is the best way to go and as far as quality meeting cost efficiency you aren't going to find a much better deal for a starter razor set than this one. The only thing I would trade my safety razor in for is a straight razor honestly and this one is a keeper (I am keeping it, Hubby retains use of the old one) and you can pick one up for yourself here.

*the price was listed at $20 when I got this.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Andre Lorent Crazy Beautiful

I received this product for free to review.

So, as you may have noticed, lately I have been playing around alot more with beauty products. It feels a little late in life to only just start experimenting with these things but lets face it skin care products and makeup are expensive and it really sucks to spend a ton of money on crap that you don't like and doesn't work.

I have a video here I shot that shows the consistency well just ignore the babbling idiot smh always sounds so much better in my head but here you go anyway, just muting me is probably for the best lol.
So anyway I have been using this on an off the last few weeks and I really like it... for the most part. See part of the reason I haven't ever really used makeup is because I have this thing where I just really don't like feeling anything on my face or nails. In fact the only reasons I've been trying to get past that is because well, I do this. Lots and lots of pictures and videos of me online and I don't tend to look as put together as most people. 

Now makeup is meant to hide flaws and highlight desirable features. Where it might become problematic is when it highlights the flaws instead. with dry skin tiny crinkles look like full blown wrinkles once you start piling all the creams and powders on top. This face cream does really help to make my face feel softer and tighter even and does make little lines less apparent the problem is I never really stop feeling it on my face. Not with my hands, any greasiness or wetness does go away withing a few minutes of applying it, but I can still feel it on my face. I thought makeup would be hard to get used to but I can wear my old moisturizer, eye cream, primer, bb cream, blush and powder foundation all at once and not feel it like this.

I am not saying it is a bad thing, just if your skin just feels icky when you can feel stuff on it you might wanna skip this one or maybe think of it more as a heavy night time sort of thing. For all I know, I'm probably using it wrong and that's the way it was meant to be used in the first place. It is a really nice cream though and really rather on the inexpensive side.

If you would like to check it out yourself you can pick it up here.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Healthy cell advanced cellular nutrition

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. So though I suck at it I ultimately try to be healthy. Did I mention I suck at it? So these are way more than vitamins. They contain tons of real food real nutrition combined in such a way that they preform a very specific function. I stole these pictures from them cause, my box was destroyed before I got the chance for pictures, hope no one minds.

Besides, I am pretty sure these are much clearer than mine would have been.
Now as you can see there is a daytime and night time set and they each contain some of the same and some different nutrients in different concentrations for different reason that I'm sure work great together when you take them correctly. my issue is, I remember in the morning to take them. they give me a nice level of wakefulness and I feel good but I always forget to take the second set without fail. The sad part being the night time version would probably help me fall asleep and therefore really need the morning boost a bit less cause you know I might actually be sleeping. But despite being up most nights until the early morn I still cannot bring myself to remember such a little thing as taking a second set of vitamins in the evening. Now because I keep eating the morning vitamins and not the evening ones the whole box is imbalanced so in order to start taking them properly I would have to buy a second set. Its a convenient thing to most people I am sure, for both the am and pm versions to reside in a single box but for people like me it would be nice if I could purchase the blends individually. In any case despite taking them only half ways and intermittently at best, I still had a very positive experience with these and urge you especially if you are better at remembering these types of things than I am to try it out yourself and you can pick it up right here if you are so inclined.

Protege Beauty Resurface

Hey everyone! If you will recall I received this product for free to review over a year ago. In any case they asked me to remove my review. I did because I was new at this and they were the one that gave me the product and requested that I review it in the first place so I felt that it was their right to do so. Unfortunately, I no longer have any pictures from the original review but I do remember the experience. I had tried to find something nice to say about the product but I couldn't. It was just awful to me. It had a very strong odor and I say odor because I can't call it a scent. It stung my eyes with them closed, I couldn't sleep the night I tested it because of that, I saw no benefits off of that single use and can't say whether or not it would have helped had i used it longer but I couldn't bring myself to go through it again. I can not recommend that anyone use this but as always the choice is yours and you can pick it up here.

So you know I did contact the company and tried to explain to them that they made a mistake having added me on to the promotion again but as they didn't respond they have forced me to re write my original feelings about their product.

To my long time readers, sorry for the repost.

Make sure to enter my giveaway in the top right corner of the screen. 3 winners will be chosen on August 10 good luck.

Blisslii manual coffee grinder

I received this product for free to review.

So, I've been a coffee drinker as far back as I can remember, which is pretty much since I was 9. However drinking even cheap coffee can be expensive, I've been striving for a better, easier, quicker, cleaner cup of coffee for years. I've switched from a drip brewer with its paper filters to a french press, to an older model Keurig with refillable cups. I've switched from pre-ground to grind your own and finally have found what I've been looking for.

Now, this is not my first coffee grinder. On the day I picked up my first french press in a grocery store, I was ecstatic to spot a coffee grinder near by. Of course this was the cheap, basic, two blade, electric coffee and herb grinder. It required a precise amount of coffee, being filled to capacity or it refused to do more than mix the beans. you slid the lid on to use it and had to hold the button down the entire time to grind it, which for how fine I wanted it, was about as long as it took to boil the water. Half of the coffee would end up a fine powdery espresso like grind, the other half would be about the same as store bought regular ground coffee. On top of that the little thing would get hot while working and it was a pain to get the lid off even when you know exactly what you are doing. Not that this didn't get the job done mind you, it just didn't do it well.

Enter: The age of ceramics! Or rather re-enter but that doesn't sound as dramatic. Yes, like many things in our race for the top, we left the better option behind for the perceived benefit of an electric model. But, ceramic grinders are expensive, and I did already have a coffee grinder. It cant be that different can it?? Yes, yes it can.

I was ecstatic when I was chosen to get to test this one out for ya'll. First off I get to find out first hand what the big deal is. Secondly, this one really isn't expensive. It does cost more than my old grinder but at the time of this post its only 30 bucks so its definitely affordable.

Ok. Enough back story. Its here! the first thing I did with it after photographing all of the parts putting it together and figuring out how to adjust it was grind some coffee! I did three different grinds each with only a single scoop of beans from the provided scoop.
Comes very well protected

Instructions, grinder, scoop clip, crank

As apart as you'll likely need it. grinder chamber, cap,
collection chamber, scoop,crank

Ceramic plates and adjustment screw

What the coffee bean sees before it crumbles

Inside the collection chamber

How much coffee I used.

Coffee in grinder

How much comes out.

clockwise from top left: fine, medium, course. Notice how all the grains are
actually the same size instead of being all jumbled.

how many times I turned the screw starting with as tight as it goes

It takes me about three scoops to use my french press and less than one to fill the k cup. The finer the grind, the longer it takes cause you are basically shaving the bean but coarser grinds are super quick. I tend to stick with about 2 or 3 turns in for my single cup of coffee and only fill the k cup half way. since I drink alot of coffee now that its nice and fresh, and alot less bitter than with my previous grinding methods. I honestly never knew I cared, I tend to keep the hopper full and grind as I go. In fact the only downside is I am pretty sure this has killed me for having coffee outside of my house and has turned me into even more of a coffee snob than ever. If you would like to pick up your own Blisslii grinder, you can do so here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I received this product for free to review.

Since it is a musical instrument I posted a video review of it. Made more sense to me.

So I've never played many instruments. I suppose the keyboard what what I excelled in if anything so as excited as I was to get this to review being a huge Zelda fan since it came in that awesome special golden cartridge, I was also a bit nervous to try to learn to play the thing to do my review. after trying to use the music that came with it as simple as it looks to show you where your fingers are supposed to go and I just couldn't get it. looking it up online didn't help much either until I tried a song I know from the keyboard. That's when I realized I could play it the same way I had learned a keyboard (by the number) and then man oh man it was easy. I could play anything I could find written out for a keyboard with numbers and maybe eventually translate a few of the 'tabs' I found to this musical language I actually understood! This is awesome! But then I started coming across songs that use the back side of the ocarina (6-11 in my world) and they were incredibly hard to play because you had to be so careful to blow this precisely correct amount of air to get it to sound right... nay to get it to sound anything. I don't know if all ocarina are this hard to play but I think it would take years to learn to consistantly be able to play the high notes on this one. I also think it would be cool if it was made from something less breakable than ceramic though it is beautiful, I worry about it breaking all the time.

If you like it you can pick one up for yourself here.

Subscription box experiment July 2015

Ok a note to start off.  I paid for or used coupons to get for free or discounted products.(not sent for free to review)  If available, the links I use for each company can and probably will contain links that do something for me like give me points towards purchase if you subscribe and whatnot.  If you don't like the idea of helping me out feel free to Google it yourself and give them a payday,  doesn't matter to me.  I subscribed to these not to make a profit but to explore my girly side and the world of makeup of which I really have no idea what I am doing.  Feel free to correct me,  advise me and otherwise help me out in any way you see fit in the comments below.  I'm am merely documenting my journey into womanhood (lol I am 31 but have never really embraced  my feminine side)  I plan on writing up every subscription I have every month and comparing them directly in a way that makes sense to me.
I'm starting off with 4 $10 subscription boxes I've found recently,  I'm sure you've heard of most of them from the numerous awesome beauty bloggers out there.  I am not one of them but will try to learn from them along the way.  I will be including links in future posts so you can easily view past posts.  If it works well,  I will start doing that with all of my blog posts linking them to other relevant posts you may like as well,  to try to get some semblance of organization to my very mixed up blog.  Please do subscribe and tell me what I'm doing right or wrong,  other stuff to try,  your opinions of the subscriptions or products.  Whatever.  OK here goes...

July 2015 - Falling down the rabbit hole-


Bulu box: Monthly service with samples of healthy living products. Point system in place for turning in reviews to discount full size purchases.

Birchbox: Monthly makeup subscription 5 high end samples point system in place for turning in reviews and has awesome specials and discounts available. New box design every month.

Ipsy: Monthly makeup samples and full size products.  Mixed between high end and "drugstore" makeup.  Also has a point system in place and member only specials.  Comes with a new makeup bag every month.  Has a wait list for the sole purpose of spreading the word.

Lip Monthly:  monthly makeup subscription. 3-4 full size Lip products ranging through gloss,  stains,  pencils and sticks.  Mixed value,  seems higher end.  Includes a makeup bag and a non Lip product every month.

                           Signed up    Shipped      Recieved
Bulu box -           July 3rd      July 15th      July 22nd

Birchbox -           July 3rd      July 9th        July 17th

Ipsy-                   July 3rd      July 17th      July 21st

Lip Monthly -      July 3rd      July 16         July 20th


Bulu box

-Urgent RX- upset stomach
FS=$13.99/12 SV=$1.17
Haven't actually had need to try this yet but I have to assume its no different than chewable pepto so I'm really not sure its worth the price and I wouldn't buy it myself.

- Bach- Rescue pastilles
FS= $7.75 SV= $7.75
I actually used to use Bach rescue remedy in the liquid version. This is a lot cheaper and alcohol free. It definitely works well and my midwife even gave me the liquid version to help when I was in labor so this blend works on all kinds of stress. The pastilles are a weird texture and I honestly prefer the liquid for delivery but this works just as well and may be a little safer to transport. This was a great product to include and they actually sent a full size tin.

-Movit- Energy gummies
FS=$15.99/12 SV=$1.35
These taste really good.  The berry flavor is sweet and bright.  I didn't notice if it really did anything or not since during a workout is about the only time I don't need any additional oomph.  So not really for me.

-Shapeology- Burn blend
FS=$39.99/60 SV=$2.60
Really excited about this one. It states that it mimics high metabolism which used to have naturally and that you can feel it working. So far it seems to be true. I took two (one pack) this morning and really feel more like I used to. I actually have energy and want to move. This may just be what I spend the included coupon on.

OK so you should not do what I did and take 2 of these with your morning coffee or two.  According to the package it containsas much Caffeine in 2 pills as 3 cups of coffee.  Since I popped two of these and slammed down 2 cups I inadvertently has basically had 5 cups of coffee in under 5 minutes.  Shortly after this post my heart was racing.  I had to keep moving and exercise just so it felt like my heart should feel that way and I sweat so much.  I also didn't really feel hungry all day and did feel full very quickly. I ended up crashing hard around 8pm glad I didn't play around with a second dose that day.  I feel skinnier.  I still really think I'm going to get this one and maybe pace it a bit better,  or just get used to it.  I used to be a huge caffeine addict and way thin. Probably some correlation there.

FS=$44.95/60 SV=$3.00
Seem like a decent vitamin I suppose... didn't actually feel anything though so not so much energy to it. I won't be looking to buy it but at least I know that now without paying almost 50 bucks for it.


-Benefit Cosmetics- they're real push-up liner sample
FS=$24 SV= $3
I love this! So smooth,  the silicone applicator is just perfect on my eyes and the stuff just does not go away.  Lasted all day.  Even gave me an in for another sample if I purchase a full size version.  I may get this and sample their mascara.

-Dr. Jart+ -  Ceramidin liquid .3oz
FS=$39/5oz SV= $3
Weird consistency,  felt tingly then very warm when I put it on.  Couldn't get past the ever present feeling of it or the way my skin felt greasy sticky all day.  Needless to say I wasn't a fan but at least I know without having spent 40 bucks.

-Oribe- Dry texturing spray 1oz
FS=$42/8.5oz SV= $5
I hate that I love this it is so expensive but made my hair look and smell fabulous,  can't believe people were complaining about getting it.  I hope I get more in the future or I might have to buy some.

-Real Chemistry - Luminous 3-minute peel 0.17oz
FS=$48/17oz SV= $5
On one hand this works awesomely and I'm glad I got the sample.  Follow the directions and it does pull off a couple layers of skin.  My face felt just like it does when I use baking soda on it but without feeling slightly raw.  Good stuff and if I had money to burn and or didn't know about using baking soda I would be all over it.

-Stila- look at me lipstick
FS=$22 SV=$7
Wow oh wow is this the hottest pink to ever touch me.  I really really hate pink but I tried this anyway.  Thought it was a gloss but then it dried and actually stayed almost neon pink and on place.  I any had to reapply once the whole day and that was after eating still my lips were mostly bright pink even then.  You know I'm They even felt pretty normal and they are running a special now for three of these and a cute bag for $20..  This subscription is going to break me that is 3 for 3 I want to buy in just the first box.


-Ofra- eyeshadow/highlighter in Bliss
FS= $15 SV= $5
This is a very pretty eyeshadow and it looks really nice blended to use as a highlighter as well.  The only thing I dislike is the clam shell it came in as a sample.  I estimated the value by dividing one of the 5 packs since the makeup was all I recieved.

-Teeez- Read my lips lipstick in killing me softly.
FS= $22 SV= $22
I wasn't impressed with this product.  The color isn't horrible I suppose but it's definitely not as long wear as the package suggests and it feels a little dry on the lips.  I can't deny it's a great value having it included the packaging is really cute too.

-Crown Brush- pink tweezers
FS= $6 SV= $6
A nice set of tweezers and they work well,  no complaints.
sorry I can't find them to take the picture lol but they are baby pink.

-Cool way- beach salt spray
FS= $13 SV=$3
Wasn't really into this one.  It's a small spritz bottle of what seems to basically be a light hairspray.  Only use I could really find for it was to get crispy hair from braids faster.  Worked great for that.  No real scent. I used it on half of my hair in the picture, the side I'm holding the bottle on.

-Avene- Cleanance gel
FS=$20/200ml SV= $2.40
Again not the most expensive sample but I really really like this cleanser. I hardly had to use any of it to clean my face and it made it feel smooth thight and tingly after plus it has a lovely clean scent. It not being expensive sucks on the sample value side of things but it is awesome when you go to buy more!

Lip Monthly

-Lord &  Berry- 20100 Lip crayon Fire 0.11oz FS $19 SV $19
I didn't think I would fall in love with something orange but this is awesome! I love the consistency it goes on easily and stays on for hours without drying on your lips.  The color is just perfect for me.  Slight vanilla smell and no taste.  I plan on using a Lip brush with it instead of trying to sharpen it based on other reviewers pointing out difficulty in sharpening and loss of product.

-Mica- tinted Lip balm velvet rose 0.25oz
FS $14.95 SV $14.95
OK this is another one that seeing reviews before trying helped.  Were I to name this it wouldn't be called tinted Lip balm.  It's more like a potted lipstick or stain.  You pretty much have to use a brush which I actually like and it's a beautiful red like a sheer brick red for lack of a better term.  I can't decide if I like this more than the
crayon because I love them both.

-Milani- Lipshine gloss in Sweet Grapefruit 0.21oz
FS $4.99 SV $4.99
The color of this one is cute,  very light pink.  It does make your lips really shiny too.  That being said this one is being given away.  It is so sticky it felt like my lips were getting ripped off my face when I kissed my kid.  It also had an air taste to it.  Actually licking it had no flavor but breathing through the mouth you could taste it.  Not a bad taste but definitely noticeable.
After a few days it's kind of growing on me,  the color is a nice nude look that just adds a bit of color to make my lips just look nice.  Still sticky but looks good so I'll probably keep it.

-Harvey Prince- Sincerely Eau De Parfum 8.8ml rollerball
FS $21.00 SV $21.00
Lots of people complained about this one being a perfume in a Lip subscription but they do tell you they include one non Lip product monthly and this is a really nice scent.  It's warm and floral and a bit fruity.  It feels old and young at the same time which turns out to be perfect for me.  Plus it's really potent so I'll bet this little bottle will last a really long time.  If you don't like it you can always hold on to it for a gift as its still very nice.

Bulu box price $10/month worth $15.91 full price of all= $121
Birchbox price $10/month worth $23.00 price to try all of the samples if you had to buy the full size version at the store = $175.00
Ipsy $10/month value $39.00 full price value is $76.00
Lip Monthly price $10/month (just went up to $12.95  for new subscribers.) value $59.54 and since they were all full size,  that's just what you'd be paying.

Final thoughts:

Bulu box: not a huge value but you can try expensive things out before you buy them which is always great.  The real savings come from the sales and discounts they offer if you really pay attention.  If worst comes to worst this will likely be the first one to go but it's a great way to get started in the supplement world.  I really want to check out their original box to see how it compares to the weight loss box I ordered.

Birchbox: Love it fully.  It's not the highest value box I Recieved this month but the samples were great.  Best of all with all the points I got for signing up and reviewing my samples and voting for a Birchbox brick and mortar to be built here in O-town,  I had 20 bucks to spend in their shop.  Ironically I went with a few more sample kits from Smashbox makeup and even qualified for not one but 2 special free bonuses.
full list:
-Smashbox try it kit Halo + BB- cost $29.00 Value $37.50
Halo Hydrating  Perfecting Powder 0.11oz Value $11.00
Photo Finish Foundation primer 0.25oz Value $9.00
Camera Ready BB cream 0.5oz $19.50
Baby bukki brush $8.00
-Smashbox Cosmetics try it kit- cost $18.00 Value $38.70
24 hour Photo Finish shadow primer 0.14oz Value $6.70
Photo op eyeshadow trio 0.04oz Value $15.00
Photo Finish Foundation primer 0.25oz Value $9.00
Full exposure mascara .14oz Value $8.00
-Mystery Sampler- free with $35.00 purchase Cost $0.00 Value $16.00
Jouer matte moisture tint 0.03oz Value $8.00
Bee Kind body lotion 30ml Value $8.00
-Deluxe Beauty bundle 1- free with $50 purchase Cost $0.00 Value $32.75
Laura Gellar Glam lash .2oz Value $12.00
Smashbox Photo finish Primer water 5ml Value $3.75
Dr Brandt microdermabrasion .25oz  Value $7.00
Macadamia professional nourishing moisture oil treatment 1oz Value $10.00

with my $20 in points I spent $27 on all this Value $124.95
  So it's awesome I'll get to try like 14 new products on top of what I've already tried for a very very low price.  I'm ecstatic.  I could have saved up and paid for the whole thing with Birchbox points but I'm not that patient.  Waiting the month is going to kill me and I'm curious on if you can buy multiple subscriptions at once.  Wish the men's was only 10 bucks too,  I'd order it if it was.

Ipsy: I really like Ipsy too. It was the second most valuable box and though I mostly set out to do this for a makeup collection, it was really nice getting things to take care of my skin and beauty tools too. the bag is really cute too and handy since I'm going to need some place to keep all of these samples. can't wait to see what next month has in store.

Lip Monthly: by far the most valuable of all the subscriptions which is almost ironic considering for one thing it has one less item than the others did and for another it quite honestly has the worst reviews which I think are mostly due to them growing and trying to offer people what they want since the bad things I've read seem to be " oh it took forever to get my box its like its never going to come" and then later it was "oh no they are double charging me, I haven't even gotten my first box yet and I've been charged for the second" to which I say, get over it people either the company is going to have to make you wait out the whole month before even shipping you your first box or they are going to have to get you on the books sooner even if that means you haven't gotten your first order. You really can't have it both ways and I think they are doing a great job. It seems like they have made some big improvements to their company along the way and I'm excited to see whats in store and a bit glad that I was lucky enough to order it just before the price increase and get grandfathered in at the $10

All told this month I spent $47 (lip monthly and bulu box I got for free for the first month with discount codes and I  am including my purchase since I wouldn't have made it without my subscription) and received a grand total of.......$268.00 worth of products. or $138 worth of products for $20 worth of subscriptions if you prefer. I am also seriously debating using my shapeology bogo code from bulu box for two of their big starter kits and save(and spend) an addtiional $130 heck 2 of the bottles of pills I want that come in it are 80 bucks so L'd hardly be spending anything on the other 3 or 4 products that come with it *2.

So what do you think? Is it worth it? I was really thinking I would want to cancel at least one of the subscriptions but now I'm letting them all ride another month.

as promised above, here are those links to sign up if you are interested,
Bulu box     Birchbox         Ipsy       Lip Monthly