Tuesday, August 25, 2015

SmartShave Safety Razor

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everybody! So I know it's been awhile but there is going to be alot coming out back to back just whenever I can fit in a spare minute.

As you May know I have been using a safety razor all year. So many great reasons to own one.

  1. They are cheap. For a lower end brand you are paying about as much as you would for a pack of blades in your gillette for the shaver itself.
  2. The upkeep is way cheap. how does around $0.02 a shave with a brand new blade sound. Yeah, turned me on a bit too.
  3. They work really really well. i feel like I get a much closer shave on a single pass with no effort.
  4. SHHH! Women can use them too. I don't know about you but in order to fully shave it kills a blade for me. I mean I'm shaving like 60% of my body or more in a sitting. Does Not matter if I'm rocking a fancy 6 blade beast with a dyson ball and a built in vibrator or a safety razor with one blade the results are the same, if I'm gonna be hairless that blade is trash. I actually shave far more often now just because it costs practically nothing.
  5. They look nicer. OK that may be a dumb reason to buy a shaver but whatever, I'm not even that girly and I will still wear a pair of 5 inch heels cause I think it looks a bit sexier so whatever its totally valid.
  6. You only need one. Unless the people in your house tend to shave at the same time (weird.) Since I change the blades out every time anyway we never actually needed a second shaver.
  7. The shaving creams are so much more awesome! Yes technically you could use these with your disposable but man I swear the whole process just feels like you are spoiling yourself with the warm fragrant lather (my fav is avocado) the soft brush building up amazing clouds of goodness you spread on your legs only to swipe it totally clean with the fresh blade. 
Now so far I have only tried two brands of safety razors and you've seen the first one on your tv so I'm just going to do a little compare and contrast.

My other shaver is a butterfly type which means when I turn the handle the metal pieces at the top that hold the blades, open up like wings which makes it real easy to change blades and to rinse the blade while you are shaving so it doesn't get clogged up with hair. This is the only thing I like better about my old shaver.

This one comes apart into 4 pieces if you are counting the blade.(handle, base, blade, cover) Makes it slightly harder to keep clean while you are using it but the payoff to that is your blade is held in much more securely so there is less of a chance of a nick. It also has three post to hold the razor in place which don't really help to hold it in straight so its something you will need to watch for when you are replacing the blade.

Another feature this on this are the cool grooves at the bottom of the blade, really keeps the blade open and makes it harder to get a clog.

The thing I like the best about this shaver is the fact that it is so heavy. Heavy is a good thing in the wide world of shaving because you really aren't supposed to need to press down on your razor, it should just glide across your skin and shear you with its own weight thanks to the beautiful sharp blade you install.

I really think that old school shaving is the best way to go and as far as quality meeting cost efficiency you aren't going to find a much better deal for a starter razor set than this one. The only thing I would trade my safety razor in for is a straight razor honestly and this one is a keeper (I am keeping it, Hubby retains use of the old one) and you can pick one up for yourself here.

*the price was listed at $20 when I got this.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Andre Lorent Crazy Beautiful

I received this product for free to review.

So, as you may have noticed, lately I have been playing around alot more with beauty products. It feels a little late in life to only just start experimenting with these things but lets face it skin care products and makeup are expensive and it really sucks to spend a ton of money on crap that you don't like and doesn't work.

I have a video here I shot that shows the consistency well just ignore the babbling idiot smh always sounds so much better in my head but here you go anyway, just muting me is probably for the best lol.
So anyway I have been using this on an off the last few weeks and I really like it... for the most part. See part of the reason I haven't ever really used makeup is because I have this thing where I just really don't like feeling anything on my face or nails. In fact the only reasons I've been trying to get past that is because well, I do this. Lots and lots of pictures and videos of me online and I don't tend to look as put together as most people. 

Now makeup is meant to hide flaws and highlight desirable features. Where it might become problematic is when it highlights the flaws instead. with dry skin tiny crinkles look like full blown wrinkles once you start piling all the creams and powders on top. This face cream does really help to make my face feel softer and tighter even and does make little lines less apparent the problem is I never really stop feeling it on my face. Not with my hands, any greasiness or wetness does go away withing a few minutes of applying it, but I can still feel it on my face. I thought makeup would be hard to get used to but I can wear my old moisturizer, eye cream, primer, bb cream, blush and powder foundation all at once and not feel it like this.

I am not saying it is a bad thing, just if your skin just feels icky when you can feel stuff on it you might wanna skip this one or maybe think of it more as a heavy night time sort of thing. For all I know, I'm probably using it wrong and that's the way it was meant to be used in the first place. It is a really nice cream though and really rather on the inexpensive side.

If you would like to check it out yourself you can pick it up here.