Saturday, August 2, 2014

Number One Nutrition Advanced Probiotics

I received this product for free to review via

I started taking these yesterday morning. Now I've tried probiotics before with really no result whatsoever though according to everything I've read I should really see a dramatic benefit from them. So yesterday morning I get up, eat a little, and take 2 of the pills. I felt seriously nauseous all day.  I took them today and honestly feel even worse slightly feverish even which I was going to pass off as unrelated until I realized what it really means. They are working. Anytime your body is purging bad things you go through kind of an awful withdrawal period. It happens with fasting, becoming vegan, and quitting smoking just from my experience so though I feel like crap I fully believe this is normal and a sign that this probiotic is actually working for me and I cannot wait to see the end results! I'll keep you posted, forgive me if I only update every few days on this one.

OK so it is day 4 and I finally don't feel like crap, yesterday is hard to mention without tmi so I'll leave it at I'm pretty sure its helping my body do what its supposed to do. The other big thing I've noticed is my eating habits have changed drastically. Seriously 3 out of my last 4 meals were salad. The 4th was broccoli and rice my normal food cravings are on the hamburger and potato lines so this is weird but good I mean I'm wanting to eat just healthy food. That has got to be a sign that this probiotic is getting rid of the bad stuff in my system that feeds on all the sugars and fats right? I'm excited!
 So I talked to the company and they don't think the probiotics caused my symptoms on the other hand they don't have any idea how much if a sugar addict I am. I'm really likes yeast producing machine and I think their die off made me feel sick. But now I feel better. My stomach is flatter, I don't have the persistent pain in the side I've had for years. I feel more comfortable in general and I've even started drinking some water and less cokes which I never managed to do before despite trying very hard which I actually didn't try to do this time. So apparently probiotics are not a crack pot idea, they actually do work, well these ones do for me anyway. If you would like to try them out for yourself you can pick them up here. With all the processed crap we eat everyone probably should and at least this one works and doesn't have a huge price tag or crazy subscription program you have to sign up for. In my book that adds major points.
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