Sunday, August 24, 2014

Helping Hand Cell Phone/ Tablet stand

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OK so I don't know if anyone can tell but due to the fact that my tablet camera kind of took a crap I've been having to use my cell phone to shoot my video reviews, let me tell you that is a pain. Trying to find a place in my apartment with proper lighting AND a place where I can prop up my phone so I can get the right position and angle so I'm in frame and not in some funky, you feel like you are laying on the floor in front of me during story time, angle. So when I seen this I had to apply. Now it doesn't look like much in essence its a piece of PVC pipe with a piece of plastic on top that comes with a sticky pad but that's really what's genius about it. Because it doesn't have any weird clips or suction cups to connect it to whatever you can use it anywhere you need it. You can also put it in different positions (by just laying it that way imagine that) I actually usually use it laying down on its side with my cell phone stuck on it sideways for my videos and in its proper position with my tablet again sideways (landscape view) with the stand itself between my thighs as I am typing because it actually is a far more comfortable position then my fancy case ever positions it in for typing so it really makes my life easier. OK Sam we get it. It is awesome for bloggers and vloggers but what about everyone else?? Well if you are trying to cook and read a recipe at the same time there are some concerns regarding counter space and, you know not wanting to get your tablet icky the stand is about as big around as a can so even my 10" tablet doesn't take up much space and is out of the range of anything I'm cutting up. It will also fit in a cup holder if you want to use your phone for GPS and keep your hands free for driving. Another idea I had... Story time. My brother in law is in that marines and there are a lot of families that for one reason or another a parent or even grandparent is away from the kids a lot of the time sure there is Skype and other social media apps of the sort where you can get in some face time but even having your tablet along with you all the time can sometimes be a hassle let alone finding time to get it all set up on a computer but almost everyone always has their phone on them. With this that is all it takes. You can stick your phone on it press the call button and even read a bedtime story to your kid right before your lunch meeting with no set up hands free even in your car. That's pretty cool. And the sticky on the pad is so sticky I can even hold my phone upside down on it (my tablet has the word nexus engraved into the back so it doesn't hold it that well upside down) which would be awesome for trying to take hard to shoot pictures or video. The sticky pad does tend to lose its sticky periodically but to super charge it again just rub it under some running water to clear off any dust( or cereal like got stuck on mine lol) and its as good as new. I really like this helping hand I've been using it so much I almost forgot to write the review for it because its been that integrated into my everyday life. If you would like one of your own you can pick it up here. I have a video using it and flipping it all around but I was recording with my phone obviously and for some reason it will not let me post the video. Though I do get a super speed mini youtube thing where I sound like a cartoon mouse on speed so There is that lol.

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  1. This tablet stand is perfect for taking photos or selfies to avoid blurred image.