Monday, March 23, 2015

Body Tea USA

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! So I'm on a bit of a diet kick so to speak. (I feel fat so I exercise more and take supplements mostly) so was excited to try this one. I mean it is an herbal tea that is supposed to make you skinnier by drinking it, what's not to love? It comes in a nice brown ziplock bag that has the individually wrapped bags of tea inside and it smells nice. I like how the tea bags are the triangle shaped kind I associate with the good flavored teas.

I brew the first cup and sit down to enjoy it admiring how it looks like actual plants in the bag and frankly find it gross. I choke down about half and email the company about potential additives. They suggest adding lemon which I try and is marginally better but I still have to force myself to drink it. After drinking it for about a week straight and not feeling or noticing any difference with my weight, energy levels or mood I gave up. Then I read the directions again and realized the mistake was mine. I made the tea like I have always made tea. Boil water pour over tea bag and wait till it doesn't burn you to drink it. This method makes the tea much too strong and rather nasty. I still haven't lost any weight by it but different methods work differently for different people all I can say is please make sure to follow the directions. 90° is cooler than hot tap water. It is pretty much Luke warm. With the cooler water you can taste the individual flowers and it is quite nice really. I'll update if it ever helps me lose any weight now that I found out it can be enjoyable to drink. If you'd like to experiment with me you can pick it up here.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Yumms Burger press

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. Well, I've been holding off on this one because I've been trying to get some editing software together because this is the first product I've tried that just feels infomercial ready and I thought it would be really fun to do just that cause I'm weird and LOVE infomercials. Anyway its actually really handy for me to have around the house and I use it in a slightly different way than others might but it works out great so I figured I would share that too. As always a bit of background first. I'm cheap. I do whatever I can within reason to cut corners and save money including buying things that I think will help me reach my goal. I really should start posting reviews on things I buy too and I do really just not on my blog because if I did I would be on my blog every day all day just telling y'all everything and you'd get sick of me. Part of the whole saving money thing involves of course not using convenience items but that brings me a whole additional set of problems. You would think having hamburgers for dinner would be a quick dinner. Fast food restaurants certainly make it seem so but if you've gone shopping, bought your meat, divided it and frozen it, you still need to thaw it, season it, patty it and cook it. That is just for the piece of meat. I am not the most put together person. I am lucky if by 4pm I have even thought to get out something to cook for dinner. Even if I have, I will most likely have no idea what I'm going to do with it by the time dinner should be cooking. That's the way it is here. Having this burger press has really come in handy for me, especially since I already am handling the meat before freezing it. Now if you are someone who is put together and goes shopping like daily and never has to have dinner go from frozen to cooked in under an hour because you forgot to get anything out... This may not be for you. For people like me it is simply awesome. For one thing.. I have an odd number in the house. When I make burgers I make 2 for each adult and one for each kid. Try dividing a lb of hamburger into 7 even portions. Much easier to make 8 but then I have a spare burger and either someone is overeating or I'm waisting 1\8 pound of meat. With this I've just been seasoning my meat when I get it home, dividing it up into 8 patties a pound and putting cling wrap in the burger press for each patty, drape the cling wrap loosely over the meat and press down. This makes a very nice, even patty that is individually wrapped, which I can toss in a ziplock and freeze to use whenever burgers strike fancy or more likely when I simply have no time for anything else. Bonus* that extra burger I was complaining about before makes a quick lunch for me or simply carries over until the next burger night. Its really worked out great and I hope I can get around to doing my infomercial video soon for it and, you know, putting some pictures on this barren page for y'all but it is late and I am tired. If you would like to get one for yourself you can do so here.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract PLUS Detox Cleanse System and giveaway

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. So I think there are more weight loss products out there then there are people on the planet and for good reason, nothing works for everyone. So I've been taking this set just about every day for the last month and I do like it. I've kept it up because its good at helping me feel awake in the morning. I've tried a lot of green coffee\ garcinia cambogia supplements lately and this one seems to differ by the greet coffee being a part of a seven day cleanse.

Unfortunately despite taking this regularly and exercising and trying to eat better I didn't actually lose any weight. I'm not sure if the product is at fault cause I didn't gain any weight either and this might have been a deciding factor on why I didn't. I didn't have any side effects actually outside of feeling awake a little quicker in the morning,  so I would really like for you to give this a shot yourself and see if it works for you by entering to win it yourself below. Good luck! You can also buy it yourself here if you wish.

FSL gunblock

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. It was my full intention to go to the gun range with my father in law to test these bad boys out. Unfortunately I didn't get to do that but have been able to use them nonetheless. These are actually great for destressing around the house. They don't actually block sound like the earplugs you use in construction. You can still hear what's going on, even have conversations but it muffles loud noises making it where it doesn't hurt your ears. From the kids popping the big bubble box fillers to making their yelling at each other actually seem like talking even with vacuuming it just made things much for calm and a lot quieter without having a safety issue caused by not being able to hear.
I think every mom should own a set whether or not they own a gun. I still hope to take these out to the gun range to test for real but I've ftried them with all kinds of similar loud sounds like clapping, slamming books, popping balloons, opening biscuit cans and the results is the same. A little noise, none of the ear trauma. Even for high pitched sounds it works. I can actually stop a headache with these. They are very tight and a little weird to put on but they fit me and everyone else I've had try them including my kids and my husband (who has a big head). They also fold up to be really small, they could even fit in my purse. The way they adjust is cool too. You don't have to do anything but put them on and they are adjusted. If you would like to pick a set up for yourself you can do so here.

Friday, March 13, 2015

FSL Xylem Wooden Earphones

I received this product for free to review.
So I was really interested in checking these out. One of the biggest issues I've found with using ear buds is it totally kills the bass in a song.

Either it is just lacking entirely or it is whiney or warped or has a weird buzz to it and I got none of that with these. The outgoing sound as great as well, I even recorded myself and posted it to soundcloud. I think these are my favorite plug in headphone set I've tried yet. I also really love the cute little pinch open case to carry them around in. Very convenient. The wood look is also really cool but I'm not 100% on them actually being any better for the environment. Better on sound definitely!
It also has a remote button on the cord so you can do things like skip songs, fast forward rewind and pause and answer the phone depending on how you press the single button instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket or picking it up. Very nice! If you would like your own set, go ahead and check it out here

Sonixx X-fit Bluetooth headset

I received this product for free to review.

 Man these are great. I normally prefer over the ear traditional style headphones to ear buds but these were actually so comfortable I can forget I'm wearing them.

 I like how they come with so many different options for how to wear them, (I like the smallest wing things with the smallest earbud myself) 

They are super easy to pair, so I find myself constantly connecting them to whatever device I happen to be using which flips between my phone my tablet and my PlayStation. People can actually hear me clearly and there isn't any extra parts like some I've seen have, just the wire between the two.

 Now for the downside, they have a dedicated charger which just makes me groan, I hate that, if I lose it I basically lost the use of the headset. Despite that, they are so comfortable and easy to use that they have become part of my morning routine of things to grab before leaving the house.

 I do really like the case it comes in and that helps keep things together if you take the kids out of the equation. This company has lots of great products and you can pick up a set of these here.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Naturalico speed jump rope

I received this product for free to review.
Hey everyone! So I've been trying really hard to lose weight lately. I dunno why but I've been getting fat. So a lot of my reviews are probably going to reflect that. Now not everything works for everyone and it's hard to find that thing that works for you. Even harder if you've never had to look for it at all. Seven years ago I was 109 lbs. Now I am 165. Sadly I didn't actually change anything. I might be eating less actually and more concerned about what I am eating but I'm 31 so that's a big difference from 24 anyway and after 3 kids I can really use all the help I can get. So I was excited to try this jump rope. I always liked jumping rope as a kid and I figured it would be a fun easy way to get more exercise in. When I first got the rope I thought the construction was a bit weird.

Its cool that you can adjust it by cutting it and since I am so short that required a lot of adjustment. Once I finally got it adjusted I realized 2 things, one is that the rope is light. This means not only can you jump rope faster with this, you pretty much have to otherwise its not going to swing in a fluid motion. The second thing is its hurts if you miss the jump, badly, you have to wear shoes. So I got some shoes but still and its probably just me but I had a really hard time trying to use this rope. I think it is maybe something that needs building up to so you can get up to speed so to speak. The combination of my weight and the fact that I'm just not fast enough meant I could not actually use the rope. If you are looking for a jump rope specifically so you can swing it faster and push yourself to the limits, this may be perfect for you and you can pick it up here.

Friday, March 6, 2015

LensCircle contact lenses

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! OK so this one is about something that is all the rage overseas and just picking up steam here. You know the girls with the huge eyes that look like doll babies? This is what they use.

The difference between these and regular colored contacts is that these are colored all the way to the edges with a dark band and that is what makes them circle lenses. This company has lots of different colors and styles to offer and has a pretty cool deal when you purchase two pairs at once they send you a real cute contacts case. Now personally these didn't work out great for me. I hadn't worn contact lenses before and it took me longer than 2 weeks just to get one in my eye. I never could get the other in and turns out I couldn't get the other out either. Luckily my doctor was able to remove it. This holds no bearing on the company itself but only my inexperience. I only mention this because I don't want people who've never tried them to think contacts are easy. I also found that they didn't line up well with my pupil either making my vision a bit blurry. Anyway you can pick up a set for yourself here.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Francois et Mimi Stacking Mug Set with Rack

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone!! So I drink coffee and hot tea and hot chocolate so I love me a good mug. The problem is it seems like people who make kitchens think you don't need storage space. I mean hello I have a three bedroom apartment and only have 3 upper cabinets and 3 lower cabinets (one under the sink so that hardly counts) so I was super excited to get these mugs. First off they are stoneware, which means I could even bake the thing if I chose too. These mugs are nice and big too. The straight sides lend to easy cleaning even if you choose the manual route though, they are dishwasher safe too. One of the coolest things about it though is the rack it comes with.

Now instead of valuable cabinet space, I keep my mugs right next to my French press on my countertop. They are beautifully colored and my only complaint is I think the blue cup should have a pink handle instead of a blue handle just cause well I like being able to stack them where the handle matches the next cup color and I can only do that one way where as if the blue cup had a pink handle it would work full circle. These are very nice tough coffee mugs even the kids dropping them hap hazardly in the sink hasn't chipped them. I look forward to trying more from this company in the future and you can pick up a set of these rocking mugs right here.

Monday, March 2, 2015

MeasuPro Instant Read Waterproof IPX7 Thermometer

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. So I know not everyone needs to know the temperature of their food items. I mean I've went my whole life without needing a thermometer but basically just because I overcook everything to make sure its done enough lol. Anyway some foods need to be cooked to a particular temperature not even to just be done but to be done correctly. For example quiche. A good quiche should be cooked to 165°. Well since I never had a food thermometer I never tried making it before. I actually have made it twice in the past couple of days and stupidly forgot to take pictures. Anyhow I actually forgot I had this laying around to review.

I made the quiche according to the recipe and thought to check the temperature only after I pulled it put of the oven at the end of the time. It was almost 30° hotter than it was supposed to be and quite firm. It was really more of an omelette pie than a quiche. The next day I made another and checked the temperature half way though the cooking time. To my surprise it was done and the difference was like night and day. My quiche was perfectly creamy and delicious! Its a great idea to have one around for cooking most things so you don't give yourself food poisoning. It is as accurate as a temperature thermometer (you know like what you use to see if you have a fever). It has all these buttons on it but has this handy looks water resistant cheat sheet to help you figure out what they are for but its cool cause its still easy to use. Anything that makes me be able to do more, easier, I like! You can pick one up here.

Inside Smarts premium delicates wash bags.

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. So this product wasn't really something I ever thought I would use but it surprised me. So what they are, is a set of 4 super silky zip up bags in 2 sizes that you are meant to put your snagable clothing items in so they don't get messed up in the wash.

Unfortunately I didn't have any unsnagged pantyhose to test out in this but I did find putting stringy things in it kept my laundry from getting all tangled and hard to get apart. Also its quite handy to keep my kids school uniform in so I can just grab the bag out of the drier in the morning and he has a full fresh outfit to wear including socks and underwear even without having to dig through the drier in the morning. He can even find them himself. I also found them great for storing stuff in easy to grab locations with less paranoia of coming across a spider in my oven mitt for example and a good place to keep rags handy in my kitchen without taking up valuable drawer space. I know they aren't meant for this, but for the price it is worth buying an extra set for this. I like how the zipper hides behind a band keeping the bag itself from snagging, plus its made of plastic so you don't need to worry about rusting. If you would like to pick up a set or two you can do so here.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Plugfones Giveaway!

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! So right off the bat here what the heck is a plugfone? Well you know those soft smushy foam thingies that construction workers wear to protect their hearing? Imagine if you could use those to block out loud noises AND still here your favorite tunes. Great idea right? Yeah the people who made these thought so too and even made it where you can switch between these sound blockers and a really cool shaped and comfortable ear bud cover in a bunch of different colors.

Now I was lucky enough to have my hubby working at the Daytona 500 so he could try them out for me, unfortunately he didn't take any pictures of using them there (but then again this is my schtick not his so thanks babe) but they did work awesomely. Since he had a lot of down time he got to listen to what ever music he wanted and even watch YouTube (though not my channel :P) while the races were going on and actually hear. I on the other hand was happier with my test of the product (only one set means I was without while he had them). Cause I could hear whatever I was trying to listen to on my tablet, but not the TV, never the TV since I couldn't plug into it I couldn't tune out the three noisy boys that rule this house. I actually find both sets comfortable which is strange since I don't normally like ear bud type phones cause they make my ears itch but these didn't. They also come in a lot of cool colors. Mine are purple! My husband hated that aspect of course, probably why there were no pictures come to think of it. They are a definite improvement on regular ear buds and I think you should check out their website here after you enter my giveaway below.