Friday, August 22, 2014

Vacupractor (read this if you have back pain)

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everybody! OK so I have a naturally bad back, its genetic both my mother and grandmother its the same with so I try to whatever I can to help it (one of the main reasons I do yoga. ) so when I seen this product up for review I was a little bit more than ecstatic. Once I got it I had to check it out right away.

So the basic premise is it applies gentle suction to your lower back to help loosen muscles and realign the spine.
OK so what you do is you dampen it then lay down on it with your bottom on the round part and the curves at your waist.

You pull your knees up to your chest and then lower them slowly. At first I was thinking that it just was not going to work for me as I couldn't put my legs down without breaking suction. After trying repeatedly I realized the slower I try to lower my legs the longer the suction lasts.
Now I have an incredibly curved back, laying "flat" on my back the curve is enough to be able to for my arm through without touching my back. This makes intense pressure build up for me in this one spot and with the back being a crazy interconnected patchwork of muscles it makes my whole back hurt. It also gives me horrible posture because well it hurts less at the time to stoop then to allow my natural back position to take over. So after trying to hold the suction as long as I could get it to stay I noticed that I was in fact able to make my legs go lower and lower each time so once i got them to the floor without immediately breaking the seal I stopped. Afterwards my back felt lovely. Kind of tingly in the absence of pain at least my lower back did. I even noticed i can actually almost lay down with my back flat on the floor after
My upper back on the other hand was feeling the pain. Now before you go and assume this caused me pain let me assure you that pain was already there. Pain works funny. You really only feel the most intense of it at a time probably a survival instinct but redirection works I used to bite my knuckles to deal with cramping. With the absence of pain in the lower back I could actually feel the pain in my upper back. Later in the night before bed I decided to go for it again so I wet my hand, wiped it over the board and laid down. OK sucky part #1 putting you're bare skin on a damp piece of plastic is cold, no two ways about it. #2 being because I'm a little short (5'4) I notice that I can now immediately put my legs lower than I could the first time and I'm starting to entertain the idea that this may make me a bit taller if it actually continues to straiten my lower spine. OK maybe that's too much to hope for but the suction feels really good. Its like cupping (not dirty look it up) except you can do it yourself and it doesn't leave huge hickeys all over your back.
So its 2pm and I haven't even thought of my back and considering everything I went through yesterday I should have been miserable (ever take your kids to get shots from the health department a week before school starts? Read: 7 hours of standing in line after getting up at four in the morning while holding a 2 year old on your hip because he doesn't want to sit in the stroller you brought for him which you then still have to lug around) anyway the only back pain I have is in my right shoulder. Not bad at all. I love this, I'll just need to remember to do it daily so that the pain doesn't come back. I'll also need to let my mother know so she can try it too if it helps her like it has me then you'll know for sure that this is a cure for misery. At least our kind of misery. OK I have decided to post this sooner rather than later and simply update it once I get the chance to let my mom try it. I didn't even use it today and yet still no pain. I actually got up early and made smoothies and yummy pecan biscuits that I made up a recipe for simply because I'm more rested. It's really incredible what the lack of pain will do. For that simple reason I'm putting this review out before I'm entirely finished with it (definitely not my usual M.O.) if you want to get one for yourself before then you can pick it up here.
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  1. Hi Samantha,
    I am interested to see how your mum and yourself went with the product after reading your post!