Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Barefaced mud mask

I received this product for free to review via tomoson.com

OK so I literally just got this in the mail and decided to try it so I open it up and its this green goopy gelatinous substance and the fragrance I instantly place yummm! Eucalyptus and lavender!
At least this will smell pleasant! OK this doesn't feel half bad its kind of cold and tingly and messy and fun, the kids think I'm turning in to a monster, the husband says I'm applying war paint

All done, yeah I like this.
It's been years since I've tried a mask like back when I was a teen and it was funny and didn't mean anything. Oh as its drying my face feels tighter and its still tingling but mostly in spots where I had blemishes, looking good so far.
Well it's been the required 15 minutes and its time for this to come off one more before shot.
Wow this stuff sucks, literally. I had a few pre zits before putting this on that came to a head and if you've had those where they hang around for a few days just being painful and leaving you helpless to remedy you know how great that is I'm noticing the pores on my nose and cheeks are smaller now too I'm guessing because the mask absorbed all that nastiness out of them as it dried and my skin feels nice and soft and clean! 
OK so its the next day and I flaked on the after pictures but its fine I'm going to use it a couple more times before I'm through anyway and as its actually midnight and therefore dark as heck I'm going to do another treatment tomorrow and show you the results. Now it says to use it once a week and I used it yesterday and again today cause well, I like it. It feels relaxing, I love the scent, I love how it makes my face feel tight as it dries and how I can feel it pulling out all the stuff that's trapped in my skin. I asked someone from the company and they suggested maybe 2 times a week as it can dry out skin but I'm really having the opposite effect so far. I swear I'm going to break out more cause I keep touching my face though. Alright see y'all in well the pm most likely since its am now lol. 
So my face feels clean, my pores look smaller and every time I use the mask its like a little at home spa day. I really like it. They warned that it may be drying but I think the essential oils they use to scent it counteract that nicely so its not an issue and I just use it whenever I feel like. If you would like to check it out yourself you can pick it up here.
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