Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anastasia Confections Coconut Patties

I received this product for free to review via tomoson.com

Hey everyone! So I love coconut but for a long time I thought I didn't. This was back when my experience of coconut was limited to the dry shaved type once I tried real coconut I was totally sold. This however still kept me from enjoying most coconut candies and desserts since you usually get that awful dry shredded coconut experience from any of them. I was kind of on the fence with wanting to try this product. On one hand I worried that it may be nasty. On the other hand I really really want to find a good coconut candy so I ended up pushing kinda hard to land this review. See the deal is world coconut day is coming up on the second to be precise so they wanted to celebrate by picking a few lucky people to try their candies. I definitely do mean lucky. This is a regional product and since the company is actually located in my state it is something that I've most likely ignored in convenience stores most of my life. (Considering the company was founded in 1984 the year i was born) I have on the other hand enjoyed candies from Anastasia Confections before since my uncle has a huge love for salt water taffy and theirs is quite frankly the best. When I got my package I was slightly disappointed to see a big box of rum flavored coconut patties as I generally dislike any liquer flavored products. There was a small 2 pack of their plain coconut patties though I wanted to save those for when my grandmother, coconut feind that shthes, could try them with me so I dug into one of the rum flavored pieces anyway. I must say I was simply blown away. here.

The moist texture, the delicate sweetness of a nice dark Caribbean rum sans any booze flavor with the minute about of chocolate was simply devine. While reading the package and the fliers I was shocked to find that they actually use fondant in their coconut filling which lends to the texture and is another thing I generally do not like but together it just came out perfect. It was two days (and many more of those lovely candies later) before I got the chance to visit my grandmother and try the other flavor (they have tons including pina coloda) she also tried the rum flavor first and declared the filling to be the same as she remembered from coconut bonbons. Then we tried the plain coconut flavor and I was just as blown away. The experience is entirely different more like dipping a piece of fresh coconut into good chocolate only chewy instead of hard. Man these candies are good. Definitely the best coconut candy I've ever had. I can't wait to try their other flavors (and pick up some taffy too I'm sure) and you can too here.

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