Friday, August 22, 2014

Sorry for flaking.

Hey everyone, so I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm sorry. My two eldest both started school this week and well the entirety of last month has been an emotional roller coaster. I have still been testing products kind of behind the scenes and I'm hoping to get a lot of new reviews out to you this week including products that, well I really needed right now. There is an awesome one called a vacupractor that really helped to keep the physical manifestation of my stress in check, there is an awesome little phone stand that has helped me to keep doing my video reviews and take some awesome shots with my phone that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten since my tablet camera sort of crapped out. I've got a ton of awesome products from sunsella which have made the transition easier on me and my kids and are really helping me be the mom I thought I didn't have the time to be with matching breakfasts (very important with multiple kids let me tell you) making healthy side dishes and even awesome homemade after school snacks and desserts! I'm really excited to be bringing all of this and so many more things to you but I had to take this past week off from the work part of this reviewer gig to get my mind right about my babies growing up so I hope you'll forgive me.
- failing workaholic,

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