Thursday, July 24, 2014

iGotTech magnetic screen door

I recieved this product for free to review via

OK so this is really really cool. Its a screen door you can just Velcro on to any doorway to keep bugs from coming in through an open door. It even closes itself behind you. I actually installed it at my grandmothers house.

Warning the video is loud!
I feel bad because we go swimming there often and my kids are not the greatest at closing the door behind them on their random and frequent ventures in and out for drinks, snacks, bathroom or you know just to see what's in there. OK so first things first, installing the thing is super easy. There is a roll of Velcro that you measure and cut to your door. Its Velcro on one side sticky on the other and I suggest doing a trial install using thumbtacks before you pull the paper because you want it to be as close to the ground as you can get it without actually touching it to the ground once its all installed. Even installing it using thumbtacks it only took maybe 5-10 minutes to put up because after the Velcro strips are up you just stick the door up and you are done. Wow this is cool it literally takes just walking through it to open it and it starts closing right when you are through it. Right out of the box sometimes it misses closing until the seams from it being folded start loosening up so if you have a steamer I would use that if you need it to work every time instantly but otherwise within a couple of hours it was working like a champ. The only other snafu we had the whole party (yes I set it up just before a birthday party what better test?) Was the fact that the back door is metal. A few times when walking in the house (the door opens inward) the magnets got stuck on the door and required a gentle tug to right it. I just wish I had these in my house growing up. The amount of flies in the house in the summer was ridiculous with the doors and windows open to try to let what little breeze could cool the house only to be plagued by flies all day and mosquitoes all night. This worked amazingly well. When I live somewhere where the door can stand open again I am absolutely getting a few of these. If you would like to get any for yourself you can grab them here you can also check out their YouTube video.
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