Saturday, September 6, 2014

Snoozy Organic Cotton Waterproof PlayYard Pad

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everyone. This review actually made me feel a little bad. You see my youngest spent most of his first year of life sleeping in his pack and play. It wasn't that he didn't have a crib. He did. But we both preferred the play yard. It was easy to move around it had 2 different heights so it was easier to get him in and out then his crib when he was little and it made him feel safe since he couldn't bump his head or get his arms or legs stuck in the soft sides unlike his crib. Now my first two kids hated the pack and play and since I never really used it I didn't know there were accessories like this one.

What it is is essentially a sheet for the pad on it only its like soft poofy and quilted. I used to use full sized blankets folded up to for in it to provide softness that I felt was lacking. That had to be readjusted every time he slept in it which was a pain I mean have you tried folding a blanket and straightening it out inside a crib or pack and play one handed while trying not to wake the sleeping baby in your arms. Yeah. Plus this feels a lot more comfortable than the blanket ever did since it was actually made for this purpose. Even the little one was excited to retry his pack and play (it hasn't been used since he switched to his big boy bed) I so wish I had this when he was using it more often but now I won't feel bad if we visit places and he needs to nap or sleep in his pack and play without a comforter to tote around. Actually if it wasn't for the other items I received to review his play yard would actually be more comfortable than his bed. It was easy to put on the pad and I'm sure it would be easy to take off. I'm not sure if you can leave it on when you close the playpen up since the playpen has become popular again. If you would like to pick one up you can do so here.
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