Monday, September 22, 2014

Eco at heart stainless steel drinking straws plus awesome contest!

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everyone! So I like using straws. Some people do some don't but I do mostly because I don't drink very much. I mean like dangerously dehydrated and have ended up in the hospital more than once because of it. I've noticed that when I use straws I drink more, I drink faster and I can even tolorate things I don't generally drink like water. I guess its because it mostly misses your tongue or maybe because the act of sucking is the most natural for drinking allowing you to drink faster then by pouring it into your mouth. All I know is that it would for me and so occasionally when I happen to see straws at the store I might pick up a pack and when I do I use them constantly but it never seems important enough to plan on buying more so this usually only happens once every couple of years as a result like normal I go back to barely drinking anything at all and everything I am drinking is bad for me (like seriously I drink 2 sodas a day if I'm lucky and sometimes a coffee that's it) so when these came up I was really interested. I mean there is the money saving planet saving no waste aspect and then there is the side that really appealed to me the fact that they are permanent straws and I will have them around always when ever I want to use one. Heck they even come in a 5 pack which just happens to mean for me that my entire family can be using one at the same time with is kind of a cool coincidence. It wasn't until after I got approved and placed the order before I started wondering what would even make these different from pieces of metal tubing? Would they be sharp? Would they rust if I abandoned it in a can for a couple of days? I mean stuff like that happens. So when I got them some of the first things I noticed were that they are super smooth they also taper off ever so slightly on both ends. They also come with their own little cleaner that I'm likely to lose but its a nice thought.

OK so far as far as pros and con's go for pros they are easy to clean they work well as straws and they aren't disposable. For con's well you can't use it for hot beverages (not that I'd imagine you'd want to anyway) and I've noticed it can be uncomfortable with very cold beverages as well. Also it makes a god awful sound if you stick it in a can of soda and it hits the sides. I've had one sitting intentionally in a half full can of soda for the past week and there are absolutely no signs of rust or discoloration, it really looks no different then straight out of the box.
I've also not noticed any off tastes or smells or allergic reaction that would alert me if they contained nickel so I have to assume it doesn't. I don't care for drinks to be especially hot or cold myself and find the whole concept of metal straws still to be kinda awesome they are thick enough to be strong, I can't bend them myself and the kids have used them as drumsticks and they show no sign of wear whatsoever despite the scraping on the soda cans so I'm sure these things will last for years! Now if they could make bendy straws like this that would rock!
Right now though they are having a pretty exciting contest if you want to check it out, here is what you can win.

Here’s all the details 

1) We’re giving away two $50 gift cards for the most ‘liked’ Instagram post that uses our logo and the hashtag #ecoatheart…the more creative, the better :)

2) PLUS…We’re also randomly giving away one set of our Straws to 25 individual people who register for the competition by filling out their name and email and follows our Instagram page @ecoatheart

3) The contest will run for 10 days, and will start on 09/23/2014.

We will announce the winner via email and take care of shipping.

Please note, this is for USA residents only.

Here’s the link to send them to:

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Eco at Heart™
It looks like creativity is key here and its not just an enter to win but still awesome prizes. If you'd like to just pick up your own set you can do so here.
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