Saturday, September 6, 2014

Comfort Shield Crib Mattress Protector

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everybody! So my youngest is almost 2 and decided a few things recently. One being that he must wear shoes at all times or a meltdown will ensue. Even in bed. Yes we are trying to work on it but its hard listening to your kid cry when something so simple can fix it so for the moment, more often then not he gets his way. Another thing he decided is that its fun to jump on his bed. The combination of those plus the vinyl outside of his crib mattress resulted in a break in his mattress.
Now this product doesn't fix that but with diapers sometimes leaking and crib mattresses being fairly expensive to replace especially since he may get a real bed very soon protecting the mattress from those leaks and making the bed comfortable to sleep on are both key. I was impressed that this was like a mini version of the mattress protector that was a forced purchase with my new mattress last year which I'm pretty sure was 50 bucks BTW.

Its got a soft terry cloth like feel to it with the rubber backing to prevent moisture from getting through. It is so soft though and really makes the mattress feel both more comfortable and since its fairly thick will negate the effects of the vinyl bed which cannot be comfortable being at first cold and then not breathable therefore making my poor little stubborn one sweat at goes on easier than the typical crib sheet and fits the mattress perfectly making it the perfect solution until he moves on to the big boy bed in his future. When that time comes I will definitely consider upgrading the size of this pad to one that will fit his new bed. If you would like to check one out for yourself it can be found here.
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