Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Incredible by Victoria's Secret Sportsbra (and knockout tight)

I received this product for free to review via influenster.com (and writing this blog earns me contest entry too but I would have written it anyway)

Hey everyone! Well I got just the coolest thing from Influenster the other day. In fact it is by far the best VoxBox I have seen them put out yet! Now influenster is different than most of the reviews I do in the sense that they decide what to send me. I don't choose it. But this I would have 1,000,000 times over! So I knew that they were going to be sending me a Victoria's Secret sports bra but I had no idea they were sending an entire workout outfit! Now I wear sports bras all the time more for the fact that they fit me than for any kind of form or style and least of all for working out in. Which I do by the way, well I go through spurts anyway like I'll feel fat and so I'll work out till I can't move (a few days of obsessively strenuously working out) then I need to rest to heal so my muscles don't hurt anymore (which typically lasts oh until the next time I feel fat) but by far my biggest obstacle with exercising is my tits. Now they aren't huge or anything (at least I didn't think so) but it hurts to run or jump and pretty much moving fast enough to break a sweat and sports bras I've had (goodwill) either were too tight and I couldn't breathe and therefore couldn't work out or just didn't have any support (like I've had tops that held them better) and sometimes both. So needless to say I was stoked to be getting one from VS! I mean who knows how to hold them better? After stalking the tracking site finally it updated to out for delivery. Then it never updated to delivered. So around 8pm I went out to check the mail to find that it was left in the office (bummer) and the office wouldn't be open until 1pm the next day. (Actually it was after 3 before anyone showed up) but when I finally got it I couldn't believe it! I shot a quick unboxing and put it on. Holy cleavage! I've never had this much with a push up bra let alone a sports bra! I'm never taking this thing off! (Correction I will get more so that I can still be wearing one whilst I wash the other.) And its comfortable too its got padding everywhere not just around the ladies but also the straps and the hook (its actually got a bra hook) and even the underside is padded #awesome! The pants aren't the style I would have chosen if I had a choice cause I'm short and they go all the way down to the middle of my feet (unless I pull them up) but they have an internal drawstring (which I don't need as they are plenty tight in the medium size I got them in) and a hidden pocket big enough to hold necessities like some cash your gym card and ID. More importantly I noticed whilst randomly jumping around and cartwheeling and running and jumping jacks I was doing to see if I could jostle the tatas loose (I couldn't) is they too jeep the jiggle to a minimum. Now this doesn't just make me feel better about my body (thought it totally does) and give me enough confidence to actually go out in public in this getup but it does something more important. Usually it feels as though my thighs and butt are pulling me down further like there is an additional jolt after I hit the ground when the jiggle catches up. I'm really not that fat so I know I'm not the only one who experiences this and finds it a drawback when you are working out. The only negative I've experienced is near my armpits (but higher like on the chest near the shoulders ) the outside of the strap for the first 2 days made painful marks (after wearing it all day and working out like crazy) today there has been less so I suppose there is a break in period and you may want to wear it around the house for a few days before taking it to the gym or like a marathon. All though if you are already in shape you may not have this problem as I think its just a bit of flab rubbing wrong. Anyway despite that I love this and I will be getting more! For your consideration the pictures are going under the article so if you don't want to see me in a sports bra and tights you can probably go now. If you want to get some for yourself you can pick one up in your local Victoria's Secret store or if you don't have one near you or prefer to avoid malls you can buy it here is your normal VS bra size.

So I was supposed to go to a store to tell of my experience. That did not happen. This did.
Yeah that is literally the closest I got to Victoria's Secret. Which is a total bummer because I love it there. Even when I was a broke teenager looking for a sale (OK more like making my friend buy something so I could get the free thing lol) they never treated me badly and the place always smelled awesome (not really what I would have expected from an underwear store lol) I'm assuming the staff is helpful but honestly I've always been too embarrassed to ask (or rather accept) help (they always ask) so that's it for the in store experience portion.

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