Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2 pack 6 foot extension cords by Solid Cordz

I revieved this product for free to review via

Hey everyone. How do you review extension cords? I got this 2 pack to review and I needed them. I had been thinking about getting some extension cords for quite awhile now but fatelered when thinking of the miles of coils to navigate just to make my room make more sense. Often anymore there will be a wall plug that is powered by a wall switch and I guess I'm just "lucky" in the fact that their placement tends to be worst case scenario for me. I mean the plug next to my bed where my alarm and charger are plugged in is the one that works off the switch. Also its a double switch the second one turns on and off the overhead fan. The combination involved has me waking up late many days with a dead tablet or phone simply because someone flipped the wrong switch when trying to turn off the fan. The two nearest plugs are the one my husband uses and one in the other corner of the room which of course is too far away to plug in either my tablet (I stay up late playing or working on it and put it down when I'm ready for sleep) or my alarm while still being able to reach them from the bed. I also have a lamp as there is no overhead lighting which I would like to be able to use with the wall switch so that I no longer have to traverse a dark room tripping my self up to simply turn one freaking lamp. This was really the perfect solution for me. Being that the cords are only 6 feet long I can basically use them to switch the outlets without having a ton of excess cordage and since they come in packs of 2 I don't need to buy anything extra to make the plugs work in both directions. On top of that I could always plug one into the other if I needed an extra long extension cord so its really the best of both worlds. Now these are black cords and not safety orange so I would be careful with the application. If you'd like to pick a set up for yourself you can find it here.

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