Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bake It Fun silicone baking mat and giveaway!

I received this product for free to review via tomoson.com

Hey everyone well this review is actually more in video than it is written but I just wanted to preface this a bit by saying I Love this baking mat! I swear I've spent more money on cookie sheets than any other bake wear simply because it works then it wears out then everything sticks and it stains and its awful and I hate it and I need a new one and I realize I'm rambling but I know you've been there. Heck I don't even use it often and more often then not I use it with foil on it (to ease up the cleaning and what not) but even friggin tater tots stick to foil and to my baking sheets never mind things that are goopy or sticky anyways. And then there are cookies. You dream of the perfect cookie, it should be crispy and chewy and juicy if you suck on it and soak up milk and just be all around delicious. But in real life even with the perfect recipe you either get undercooked and therefore more chewy cookies or you get hard all the way through atrocities that only are suitable for dunking or worst yet cookies that feel like cake in your mouth. The cookies I made in this video were true perfection and gone before we went to bed ( I made the kids another batch later) but since then every time I was using a pan in the oven I've thrown this in even when I decided to finish off my fried chicken in the oven you would not believe the amount of grease that came off that thing but even the solidified chicken juices which while delicious are probably one of the hardest things to scrape off a baking pan ever. It slid right off, just like everything else. I honestly don't know how I've gotten along without one of these before. I tell my husband I want more and he laughs since I only have the one cookie sheet and the thing is super easy to clean.

If you want to check one out for yourself you can pick it up here.
Also I'm doing a giveaway on this so if you would like to be entered like bakeitfun on facebook share my blog on Facebook Instagram or twitter (one entry each) follow me on whichever and tag me in the post. Also include the #bakingmat and #giveaway good luck! I'll contact the winner for any info I need. Contest ends on September 30th so get sharing!
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