Thursday, September 4, 2014

Americare Vinyl mattress protector

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everyone so as you know by now I have 3 littles. And while my eldest is fully potty trained and my youngest is still in diapers my middle son still has issues with knowing he needs to go potty when he is sleeping. Now I had a mattress protector that I used constantly (the one that I had to purchase for the warranty of my new mattress in fact) it did not actually prevent his accidents from seeping into the mattress and it was actually very difficult to clean thanks to the rubber backing and well that is a lot of laundry to do every day with the mattress protector the sheet and the blanket and on top of it, it sometimes needed to be run through the wash cycle twice depending on the position it turned itself into in the wash. Now there are other types of mattress protectors that encase the entire mattress which is a pain just getting on the bed in the first place and not very comfortable at all as it tends to trap air inside and poof up awkwardly when you lay down on it. This one on the other hand is more like a fitted vinyl sheet I even tested it for waterproofing capabilities by pouring some soda on the bed (I know it was a risk) and it just beaded up. Nothing made it through at all even after leaving the liquid on the bed for several minutes. It doesn't feel uncomfortable to lay on with a sheet on top and is really saving me tons of time on laundry since I need only wash the sheets and wipe off the vinyl I can actually catch up on laundry doing only the one load a day. Its definitely the best mattress protector I've found that fits their queen size bed. If you would like to pick up one for yourself you can find it here.

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