Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunsella Little Gems (silicone cupcake molds)

I received this product for free to review via
Hey everyone! So I as have mentioned before I love baked goods and even baking but I detest the cleanup and how it seems to destroy the pans made supposedly for the purpose. So any tools that help me with that are awesome! These little cupcake molds are super brightly colored.
They are also just smaller than the size of my muffin pan.
Now my muffin pan which I most often use for making cornbread hasn't been used in almost a year because somewhere down the line it got something stuck it it and was scraped and soaked and ended up rusted.
Why I didn't throw it out I'm not sure. I suppose its because it was expensive. I don't like replacing things if I can do without them but I knew I couldn't so I just kept it. In any case these may just be the perfect option so I made cupcakes. Now the directions on the cupcakes say to either grease the pan or use paper cups. I didn't do either and instead use the silicone cups ungreased.
I was a bit nervous and was second guessing myself however if I didn't try it without greasing I wouldn't have any way of knowing how good these really work. So I baked them for the minimum time and pulled them out.

The kids were anxious to have one so I decided to remove the silicone cups from the pan so they would cool faster and on a whim I decided to flip one upside down into my hand.

To my shock it fell out. I tried several more with the same result amazing! So I let them cool and frosted a few. Gave them over to the kids and the man and they were devoured. With the kids I simply slid theirs out of the mold but I noticed my husband bent his down like he would have with a paper so it works that way too.

I foresee more baking in my future. The cups themselves had very few crumbs remaining in them at all and were thrown in the dishwasher unceremoniously and came out clean. If you'd like some for yourself you can find them here.
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