Monday, September 8, 2014

Propresser garlic press

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everyone! So I use a lot of garlic. I mean major amounts in almost every meal and I don't care for the watery or oily pre minced stuff. I don't mind the tube kind or the frozen in cubes kind as much but with the sheer amount I use its crazy expensive and I still need to buy cloves because I also like roasted and sliced garlic. For this reason I have been on a never ending search for a garlic press that works the right way for most of my adult life. What I've found is nothing like my mothers garlic press I remember from growing up that was lost in one move or another and was most likely a hand me down from my great grandmother. That one worked. It was durable and easy to use and it made sense. I've gotten some that had plastic handles ( breaks under the pressure) some with gimiky nubs that are supposed to help push the garlic (all of it) through the holes so it leaves the press cleaner and there is less waste but that just is a pain unless you like brushing the teeth of the garlic press after every single clove. So as you can imagine I was both excited and a little skeptical that this garlic press would be the one to end my search.

My first test of the press involved unpeeled cloves. I don't know if the skins were too thick or if I'm simply too weak but I couldn't actually get the garlic to come out that way. Besides peeling garlic is really easy and it was actually a bit harder for me to get it loose without the skin peeling off so this just isn't the way I would use it anyway. Next I tried it with a peeled clove and it worked perfectly. I was amazed to find inside of the press was garlic skin. Not the hard dry stuff I usually peel away but the outer membrane that keeps the garlic juice contained inside. That peeled out quickly with the help of the backside of the provided brush and I was on to the next clove. This is so much easier than chopping it by hand. Its also a much more consistent size then I am able to maintain which means the garlic will cook up evenly. I can even imagine using this press to make my own frozen garlic cubes so I have the quick convenience and the low price of the pre-processed cloves. Clean up was easy thanks to the flip out tub and the little brush they nicely include. I think my search is over. This one I think is actually better than the garlic press my mother had which was quickly turning into a mythological being in my head with ever failed attempt at replacing it. If you'd like to try it for yourself you can find it here.
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