Thursday, January 29, 2015

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals

I received these products for free to review.

Hey everyone! I hope you don't mind but this is actually a multi product review. I have tried a lot of different things from this company and fully think that they have excellent quality across the board. For your convenience I've decided to go ahead and put links to the products on the first mention of their name and at the bottom where I usually put the product link I will put the sellers page on Amazon instead.

OK so the first product I tried was the  Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Peppermint oil I decided to make my own mouthwash back when I got the Xylitol so I was super excited to get peppermint oil. I dumped the rest of a medium sized bottle of Listerine, rinsed it well, added about 1\4 cup of the Xylitol, filled it up with water then added about ten drops of the peppermint oil. Wow that was really really strong. I could have went with 5 and still had a good peppermint flavor. It works well and makes my mouth feel really really clean. I used it more ways but I'll get into that some more later. The bottles they come in are perfect for essential oils. A nice amber glass bottle with a lid and a separate glass dropper that can even be pulled apart to clean. All of their essential oils come packaged this same way and in a nice individual box as well to prevent breakage and none of them were leaking in any way.

The next item I tried was the Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Rosehip Oil. Now when I was asked to review this I had to do some research because I had no idea what it was. Apparently it is good for tons of things (like most essential oils actually) some examples I found are for stretch marks, skin conditions like eczema, wrinkles, brittle nails, dry hair... So I decided to try it out first by putting a drop, undiluted, on each of my nails and rubbing it in. Despite the fact that my finger tips were entirely saturated within minutes it had completely absorbed into my skin and nails heaving no trace other than my nails being shiny. So I decided to get brave and add a little on my face and elbows. It absorbed just as fast in both areas but didn't entirely make my elbows suddenly soft. As they are really bad though I have high hopes continuing to use these oils will help. I don't really like the smell of this. Kind of smells like old lady perfume or like the perfumed powders or something. It is very light though so not much of a worry.

OK this was not the next item I tried but as it is the last of the essential oils I'm putting it here the Magestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Lemon oil. Now I've had lemon oil before and it is great for lots of things including cleaning and polishing wood. I've also used it as bath oil and in baking soda as a carpet freshener. It is lovely mixed with lavender oil too. But this time I used it to add a nice fresh scent to my hair and to make the kids some mouthwash (they didn't care for my peppermint kind but loved this one) it has a taste and smell reminiscent of lemon pez and lemon zest (which is of course where they get the oil)

Up next is their Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Indian healing clay. Now I initially thought this was a clay mask. I was actually very pleased when I found out that it isn't a prepared mask just the sodium bentonite powder, meaning that I can make my own face mask, with whatever benefits I want at the moment, or even just the plain clay. You can also put it in your bath water and it says it is good for like a million things which I didn't personally verify all I know is I made a batch up with water, the clay powder, and a single drop of peppermint oil cause I like tingly cool masks. **as a note put the water in the bowl first and you shouldn't use metal but I don't really know why** It was awesome! My cheeks in the freckle zone have been feeling very bumpy for quite awhile now, I think clogged pores but I couldn't get it to feel clean no matter what I did. So I put some of my homemade mask on my face and let it sit for 15 minutes (I applied it fairly thick so it didn't quite dry) and rinsed it off with a wet rag and my whole face was smooth and tingly. I do suggest having a container with a lid (or you know a group of friends around) because it makes a lot more than you would think (I used a toddler spoon and still had way more than enough, I could probably have used it 3-4 times with the amount I made.) I think I'm going to go again today to get the last few bumps out but my skin looks and feels great and I'm looking forward to playing around with different formulas.

Up next Majestic Pure Fractionated coconut oil. The best I can tell is this coconut oil is still the cold pressed virgin coconut oil but with some parts removed to stabilize it and give it a longer shelf life. It stays liquid instead of solidifying at room temperature which makes it great as a carrier oil and for using it on your hair in the winter. Some things I've mixed coconut oil in before have to be melted and remixed before I can use them, with this its not an issue. I used it as an oil treatment in my hair and randomly as lip gloss. I think the best thing about it is I can leave my fancy delicious coconut oil in the kitchen and keep this one in the bathroom for beauty uses.

The last thing I have to try is Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Vitamin C Serum. Now what makes this serum different from others is that it is a blend of 20% vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, and ferulic acid. Most just have the first two ingredients. On top of that it smells really really good like roses and absorbs super fast. Of course vitamin c is super good for you whether its on your skin or in your food but in this serum its meant to help fight the signs or aging, all I know is it makes my skin feel good. I think I may add some to my next batch of face mask too.
I am really loving everything this company has let me test out for you if you'd like to see what all they carry you can check out their shop on amazon here.

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