Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kitchen Supreme spiralizer

I received this product for free to review

Hey everyone!
So awhile back I went on a bit of a no processed carbs bender or something of the sort so I basically tried to get by without eating like bread and pasta. It started off without potatoes and rice too but I decided they were natural enough and ended up giving up on the whole thing eventually though I did feel great and figured out a lot of new recipes that I loved (omg almond flour pancakes!) But during this time I was dying to get ahold of one of these bad boys. Yeah I did the spaghetti squash thing and it was delicious but honestly presents a lot of problems in and of itself such as it ts a pain to cut raw, it isnt easy to find most of the year, it takes forever to cook, you get what you get its not easy to adjust the meal size especially if its last minute. Hence the reason I've been drooling over a spiralizer you can turn your basic easy to find most of the time yellow and zucchini squash in to a pasta like substance. Its really easy to point out the benefits in subbing squash (or carrots even for that matter) for pasta I mean its a great idea to always have vegetables as your filler as opposed to starches which are basically just sugar as far as your body sees it. Anyway back to the product at hand.
I've read a lot of reviews complaining about the size of some spiralizers being bulky I can bet this one never gets that particular complaint as it is smaller than a soda can in both height and girth also comes in a nice drawstring bag with a weird cap thing and a cleaning brush.

It is very straightforward having two cutting edges one on either end one being smaller than the other (no indication short of studying the blades on which is which though) It is a very simplistic tool as you simply insert the veggie of your choice into the end and twist as long strings of it are shaved off the outside. This really worked great with the zucchini. Well, once I switched it to the larger size (that the instructions clearly say to use) and once the end nub is gone or else it clogs up. Cutting of the end nub before hand did not solve this problem, the same thing happened with each zucchini. I did get an impressive bowl of znoodles?

Made up some sauce and boiled some water once the water is boiling hard dump the noodles in and stir it let it go for a minute. Just the one. And drain it. I then put a little olive oil salt and pepper on the zucchini mixed that up and served with some basic spaghetti sauce. Even the kids devoured it but then my kids are weird and therefore love veggies anyway but they liked it better than regular spaghetti noodles. Unfortunately I did not make enough in my first batch so after eating what was there (I only cooked 3 zucchini) I decided to try it out with some summer squash. Wow the yellow squash was very difficult. It seemed like it clogged up every 3 turns of the squash and didn't at any point have a neat little core leftover. I would suggest trying to a scoop it out. I don't know what was such a big difference with the yellow squash and it did still make nice noodles (in fact I preferred the summer squash to the zucchini) but having to push out a chunk of flesh every minute is annoying. It also glaringly pointed out another maybe issue. Given its small stature and the fact you have basically a metal sheet to hold onto it is very hard on your hands.

I was hoping to use this a lot too and I probably still will but that is definitely something to consider. As others pointed out I don't see a use for the cap thing as it doesn't hold onto anything and instead just twists and tears into the top. I also found it pretty difficult to clean even with the provided brush. It made me decide that I really do want a spiralizer but I will always wonder if maybe they sacrificed ease of use a bit to override the space factor. In any case it does make great noodles and since I haven't tried another yet I would still recommended it for someone looking to try a spiralizer. It comes with 2 e-books one full of recipes (mostly vegan some even raw vegan I noticed) and one full of great "getting healthy" tips which were both really very nice. If you'd like to pick one up yourself you can do so here.

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