Monday, January 12, 2015

JumpStart 180° +giveaway!!

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! Let me start of by saying this workout program specifically targets people age 50+ which being 30 is perfect for me given a lot of the exercise programs I've tried I simply cannot do because it hurts my back or knees and some of it makes you feel bad if you can't do it.
I am really enjoying this program. Most of the workout is low impact but you can still feel it working your muscles and getting your heart going. The words and music were recorded over the video so you can always hear the instructor clearly though she is never pushy and often asks you to evaluate your condition and reminds you that you can take a break any time which I think is lovely. I've tried many workout programs in the past that once I get a few minutes into it I feel like I'm dying trying to keep up and I eventually stop trying which is no good. There is a lot of focus on stretching and range of motion and in some muscle groups that are generally avoided as well. In like how I can get a decent workout in, feel as though I have accomplished something and not hurt in places I shouldn't afterward.
The music fits well with the exercises being slower for the warm up and cool down phases and more upbeat for the main workout. It also comes with a booklet that has lots of nifty forms from questionnaires to see if you should ask your doctor before starting and charts that tell you what your target heart rate is based on your age and how to find out in case you aren't in the age groups listed.

There are also charts to track your progress, set personal goals, and an easy to follow schedule so you can make sure to get your full workout with days off too. My only criticism would be that it is my personal preference to also hear what I am supposed to be doing next instead of always having to watch the screen or remember. I do think this is great for anyone looking to start exercising especially if other programs are too much for you. The program comes with 4 DVDs and the workbook.
You may want some light weights or a yoga pad but they are not required to use these workouts. If you would like to enter my contest to JumpStart your workout routine for free you can do so below or if you prefer you can pick up your own copy here.

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