Saturday, January 10, 2015

Xtava Hair Straightener

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone this is actually a 2 part review because I started it on video, then came back here after I finished. So let's get to the video first.

Welcome back! Honestly you haven't really seen anything because off camera I went to the bathroom where there is an actual mirror and continued straightening my hair. I can't stop touching it!!! It is so silky and smooth. I really didn't know how awful my hair was before and keep in mind this is with no product! When I say no product I mean it I haven't used anything but water on my hair in the past 2 months (If you want to hear more about that, let me know in the comments!) This just like glides through and makes my hair look fancy.
 My hair done
My hair normal.
 Day 2
Day 3
I guess this is what I was missing when I wondered why everyone's hair was so much nicer than mine. I'm still shocked at the huge difference it made given I have fairly straight hair to begin with. I'm dumb and didn't snap a legitimate before shot (unless you count in the video of course) so I'm going to grab a stock photo of me with my hair looking "nice" and compare it to my hair after using this awesome straightener!! BTW they also come in different colors in case you want something a little more club worthy than black. The way the bag that comes with it is, it looks like it would be perfect for when girls get together before going out to get all done up together. I imagine all your hair stuff would fit inside (within reason) and still have the full size flat iron instead of the rinky-dink purse size model. Wow it's been 2 days and my hair still looks great just from brushing it in the morning, I didn't even use the highest heat setting, just the one it auto sets to. I think I am in love with a styling tool. My hair doesn't feel as great as the first day so I think it's time for another run through but still, wow! I hope I get to try more from this company because if this is any indication they are awesome!! If you would like to pick one up yourself you can do so here.

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