Friday, February 13, 2015

Coosh 13000 mah portable powerbank

I received this product for free to review

Hey everyone! So this has so far been my favorite portable charger I've tried out, and why wouldn't it be? From the smooth super soft feel of the textured plastic to the massive battery supply that can charge my kids tablet ( a kids fire tablet) 4 times from dead to full on a single charge. Meaning I get peace and quiet even on the most horribly boring appointment packed days. It actually has a bit of battery to spare after all that so the momma could make an emergency call if need be.

This is definitely not the tiniest charger out there but who needs tiny when you can have power. It even has 2 seperate charging slots to pop on a second device (if you've brought another cord) though to be fair one port charges twice as fast, which actually may be a good thing I mean if you are charging the phone and the tablet you want to make sure your phone gets most of the power right? Heck I can even use it to charge my phone and my portable speaker and keep the party going all night anywhere! I really love this thing. it's become part of my morning routine of things to grab along with my shades, mod, juice, keys, purse, phone, and diapers. So much so I almost forgot I was supposed to review it. You can forget most of the puny little battery chargers and be glad you picked this one up here.

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