Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dr. Hana's Nasopure Nasal Wash System

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! So after much debate and many many sinus issues during my first pregnancy that I couldn't treat with medication, (they say Sudafed is safe but I don't trust that, I know how it makes me feel) after many miserable colds I decided to try a neti pot. I was very surprised that I actually loved it. I mean of course its weird I mean you are dumping water through your sinuses. But it just gently clears out all the stuff that is in there and I think it keeps it clear for longer than simply blowing your nose. So I was kind of excited to try this instead of pouring the water its more like a sports bottle and they say kids can use it too. I always wished my kids could use my neti pot given the comfort it always gives me so I was stoked. Now the packs are double the size of the ones I've had previously. I don't like this, it forces you to either use the double strength dose or have an open pack of stuff to eventually put up your nose later. I prefer using two packs if I feel I need it to this method. The solution itself is very mild feeling despite being double strength I assume because of it being buffered. I would buy the packs again for using when I need a stronger solution. Now the bottle itself is where I find the biggest issue. Now it says it is the only system that you can use with your head upright. I tried that and despite my best efforts I just kept ending up with a throat full of solution and a stuffy sinus. It also says children will automatically close their throat so I let my son try it. He was a trooper and went for it several times but it made him gag and cough each time so I can't really suggest it for children to use it either. I did however find a use for the bottle, though its really limited to women (guys, stop reading) 

For women who use menstrual cups this is perfect for cleaning them out without needing to use a sink or paper. The angle of the bottle plus the ability to squirt it out hard makes it seem as if this is what it was made for. It can even be carried around in your purse full without leaking and holds enough water that you could clean it twice without needing to fill it (though I always refill it after) so I would definitely suggest buying this for that reason.

OK guys its safe again. So I personally have had mixed results with this personally but that shouldn't stop you from trying it. Squirting water up my nose just doesn't work as well as simply letting it force itself through there by way or gravity but that's just me. All and all it is a very well made quality product. The packaging is nice and since you can close it you can save some for later (although warm works best for me)  I was able to use it to use small drops of the saliene solution to loosen up my two year olds nose crust so there is that too. If you would like to pick a set up yourself you can do so here.

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