Saturday, January 10, 2015

RIF6 Wireless headphones

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! So I have been wanting some Bluetooth headphones so I can tune out the kiddos whilst accomplishing some housework (with daddy home of course). These are not Bluetooth headphones but for around the house they may be a better option. Now right off the bat these impressed me. You see, as my husband so eloquently puts it I have a "freakishly small head".

I can wear my kids hats and kids headphones generally work better than regular size ones do even on the smallest settings except of course the ear part are too small. These fit me perfectly on the smallest setting. I also have looked up reviews for other wireless headphones such as these and usually they are not good. The material of the headphones are very nice. They are soft and comfortable and not too heavy. The set up is very easy. You put your batteries in your right headset. You plug your _______(whatever you want to listen to) into your transmitter with the cord that has the red and black splitter on one end. Plug in your transmitter and turn on your headset (and you know what ever you are wanting to listen to) and you are good to go. You have volume settings on your headphones. I do suggest turning up the devices volume first since as it isn't Bluetooth it doesn't manipulate your device. The downside of this is of course you can't change tracks or pause/play/stop anything like that from the headset. The plus side is you don't have to have your device close to the headphones. The range is amazing. Were I in a middle unit I could easily listen to my headphones in the 6 apartments around plus my own (upstairs, downstairs and any of the four sides) as I can easily walk well past my neighbors apartment and in fact around my whole building without losing signal. Do be warned though it is easier to hold onto the signal than it is to get it back once its lost. The sound is great. I haven't found it to get deafeningly loud but I've only used it with my phone on the amazon music app and YouTube so far. It does pick up parts of songs I hadn't noticed before which is pretty cool. My favorite parts are for one it blocks out other sound when they are playing. For two with my phone hooked into the transmitter, it doesn't time itself out like it does when I connect if to a Bluetooth speaker. The recharging is also really easy as you simply set the speakers on the transmitter when you are finished listening to them. With the battery life these have I think it would be hard to kill them. It also comes with a cord so you can use them as regular speakers (which don't seem to use power on the off chance you do kill them.) Do be warned that these are (by my estimate) like 10 feet long so you may want to get a shorter cord if you plan on using them wired with an iPod or something. I am really enjoying this headphone set. Does it get rid of my need for a set of Bluetooth headphones? No. I would like to be able to grab a pair of headphones and connect them to whatever I'm using at the time without having to plug anything in and to take on walks with me but for getting housework done these are awesome and I don't think that Bluetooth headphones would replace them either. They simply have different uses. Plus I could connect these to the TV in case I wanted to watch at night without disturbing anyone and that I couldn't do with Bluetooth. All in all I think these are great. I don't know if you can connect multiple headsets to this one I know some you can though so maybe. If you would like a set for yourself you can pick it up here.


  1. Picking the right headphones is not easy. There are hundreds of pairs out there that range in cost from £10 to over £1000. That's why I choose those - it’s is a pair of wireless headphones that incorporate binaural mics designed to capture audio exactly the way it is being heard by the wearer

  2. Hey everyone! So I have been wanting some Bluetooth headphones so I can tune out the kiddos whilst accomplishing some housework (with ...

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  4. I figured out how to connect/sync multiple RIF6 headphones to one transmitter. 1. Turn off both the transmitter and the headphone 2. Hold down the headphone power button until it begins to flash green (pairing mode) 3. Turn on the power at the transmitter (should hear an audible tone and see some flashing lights . . . done). 4. To pair additional unpaired headphones, have the paired ones turned off, and go through steps 1-3 with the new headphones and the common transmitter. 5. The transmitter will not transmit if it is charging a headphone, so you will always have to remove that one first to get the others to receive signal. I use the other transmitters as charging stations, but they are not connected to the audio source.