Saturday, January 10, 2015

Morning Pep Xylitol and giveaway (closed)

I received all three sizes of this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. Now I really hate artificial sweeteners. I avoid them adamantly in everything which is surprisingly hard to do they sneak that stuff in everywhere anymore. However I am also a sugar feind and since my teeth have been acting up lately I decided to try some xylitol since I used to get these mints all the time back in the day that I loved and they were made with it.

As a big warning if you go from sugar to this there is an adjustment period in your stomach. I think it has as much to do with the fact that the bad stuff is starving and wanting to get out as anything else but that is just my theory. Good news is it does go away. As for the dog thing, I see a lot of people saying if it is so bad for dogs its bad for people too but there are a lot of things that are fine for us that dogs can't eat. Anyway moving on I freaking love xylitol. It taste like cold sugar. It is a bad idea to directly replace your sugar with this right away because of stomach issues but man I like it better than sugar. It makes my mouth feel cleaner every time I use it. I've even made my own mouthwash with it. Did you know Listerine has artificial sweeteners? Seems counter productive to me. Anyway back to this particular Xylitol. This brand is not the cheapest out there but if you are worried about gmo's and knowing what is in your food that is probably a good thing because well, GMOs are cheaper. Taste wise, it doesnt taste  any different than any other xylitol I've had. Then again i could never tell a difference with any sugar brands either. Now it says the consistency is the same as sugar but unless you are talking about raw sugar that's not really true, these grains are bigger but it does dissolve faster in cold water than sugar does. I like how they carry three sizes because people have different storage and sweetener needs and its nice to know that you can get a little one pound bag up to a big 5 pound bag. I say give them a shot. Its way good stuff. I'm planning on phasing out my sugar intake completely and probably even making my own mints and toothpaste with it as well. You can't bake bread with it though cause the yeast can't eat it but I've used it in my coffee and tea (most of my added sugar intake right there) and I can tell the difference but only because it feels a bit colder and makes my mouth feel cleaner and wetter than sugar does. Thanks for reading my rambling. :-) if you'd like to try it for yourself you can pick it up here. Oh and you can have the chance of scoring a free bag by entering in my giveaway (I almost forgot)

** I have noticed doing the two giveaways at once it only shows the picture for one at a time. Please know that you are entering the contest for the product on the page you are on.


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