Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bedtime Bliss sleep mask

I received this product for free to review via

OK so many of you know me and know I don't sleep. I have 3 kids, I live in a parking lot facing apartment complex. I have an aspiring rapper for a neighbor ( he is not going to make it y'all) and I face the window when I sleep. So that really helps with the general inability to fall asleep I already possess, you know? So I was really excited to try this mask, its a kit really. It comes with ear plugs, the mask and a nice drawstring bag to keep it in too. Now the mask itself is awesome, it's different from other sleep masks I've tried before cause it doesn't actually touch your eyes. Instead there are cups where your eyes go so its very comfortable to wear.
As you can see it also has nice thick straps and it Velcro's on which is very nice since it actually fits on my freakishly small head without cutting in anywhere. It blocks out all light very effectively and makes for a perfect blindfold (that was fun, had to mention it shhh) now the earplugs are the kind that come in swimming kits or that you get at construction sites for blocking out sounds. It does not make all sound go away but it definitely makes it more bearable. Now those were a bit long for me to try to sleep with them in my ear since I sleep on my side but have been a great daytime asset because well my house is loud. This makes it much quieter than normal and has kept my almost daily headache away while still allowing me to hear what's going on. I'm even getting work done as we speak with the kids in the same room watching cartoons. I really like this set. Its comfortable. It doesn't look horrible
and it works properly. I can even give my eyes some rest in the daytime! OK so if you'd like to check them out yourself you can pick them up here or here
Update: Too cute not to share, my 5 year old son has decided to further his ninja training by using my sleep mask and finding his way around the house without the use of his eyes. I've also determinined that I can get a little quick "me time" by either using the whole set up or just the blindfold while I blast a favorite song on my headphones. Talk about a sanity saver! Why did I not have this before?

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