Monday, July 7, 2014

Xium green coffee bean supplement

I received this product free to review via

OK so they say a picture is worth 1000 words and since for one I do not own a scale (I think it's damaging to the psyche and well my kids broke the last one lol) and for two most women (people really) care more about how they look than what the numbers on the scale say I figured that's how I would do this review. So here is day one!
Gosh I hate seeing pictures with my belly in them anymore. I used to be so skinny. Belly showing all day long lol. But three kids have changed that somewhat.
Now I am not going to start exercising or eating any differently than I do already. Most people take 2 other supplements along with this one but I'm not. Just the green coffee pills. OK so the first day I took just 2 in the morning just before taking this picture. I noticed I had no appetite for the rest of the day and as a result I ate 2 out of 6 slices of a personal pizza and 2 small slices of watermelon. That was it. All day. This is not the norm for me but I just didn't feel hungry at all.
The next day I took two in the morning and another 2 in the afternoon and though I still didn't have any other side effects I was positivitivly ravenous. I ate grapes, papaya, watermelon, French fries, chicken wings, probably a whole totinos pizza, pretzel chips, the entirety of my graze box, biscuits, and 2 ham salami cheese pickle and mayo sandwiches on white bread along with drinking a ton of coca cola. 
Today I have so far taken 2 of the pills and am about to take the other 2 haven't eaten yet not hungry here's what my belly is looking like today. * please forgive the photo bombed cuteness.

Alright day four is upon us. I forgot to take the second dose today so only two pills in the morning. My appetite seems it may have regulated to normal. I had some watermelon, a big salami and ham sandwich with pickles and cheese. A few handfuls of peanuts and 3 slices of homemade pizza extra cheese and pepperoni. I say what I've been eating just so you see I'm not following any particular diet. I've noticed that I'm not craving coffee in the morning either. Still drinking my cokes probably 6 or so today. 

I'm definitely feeling a bit more firm and also noticing less Pudge. Is this supposed to work this quick?
OK so todays picture may have not been taken at the most opportune time considering I just ate two slices of leftover pizza from last night but here goes

OK do I skipped a few days on photos thanks to the holiday weekend but its July 7th now and the end of this experiment as I'm going to add the raspberry keytones and the garcinia cambogia in to see if I can get even better results.

But for now I am definitely feeling skinnier and sexier. I used to love my belly and now with those last two photos I don't feel ashamed posting them. 
Just for comparison sake I'll grsab the top photos and post them next to their most recent counterparts

So what do you think? Is it only in my head? Did these tiny pills that had no other effect on me really make me skinny without changing anything? I had 3 slices of stuffed pizza last night! There is really no way I should look this good this morning.
This is the bottle, it comes in a box too but I didn't keep it and forgot to take a picture. If you'd like to try it yourself you can find it here or here which is where I got it.
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    1. I was definitely impressed by it. I'm glad you are having good results too!

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