Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil

I received this product for free to review via

OK so I received the package yesterday and it comes in a really nice box with a label and everything. So not what I'm used to receiving from Amazon but if you have a store it would certainly look nice on the shelf either in the box or in the bottle itself.
My first thought was wow that is huge!!
But I use tons of essential oils and have had experience with tea tree oil before and happened to have a toothache so my first instinct was to put a little on my sore tooth which I did then put a spoon of coconut oil in my mouth and swished it around for awhile before spitting it out. Wow this stuff is potient! I've never had any that smelled as strong as this one does, huge difference. Toothache gone! Didn't last all night or anything but it did give me a few hours of relief, again this is not even in the entire recipe guide that comes with it. Neither is what I made today. So I have something wrong with my elbows. I don't know what it is really but it keeps getting these big nasty idk pimples or blisters or something and I haven't been able to get it to go away.

Honey has helped to some extent and so has thieves oil but not entirely so I've decided to make a topical cream with some of the best powerhouse anti bad stuff ingredients I know of. I took 4 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil, 1 tsp of raw honey ten drops of my homemade thieves oil and ten drops of apothecary extracts tea tree oil into a clean jar I wasn't using, then stuck it in the freezer stirring it every 10 minutes until it was thick enough for the honey to blend in and then applied that concoction to my elbows.

The first thing I noticed is its not sticky like the honey is by itself. The second is they have stopped itching they also feel considerably softer. I will keep you updated on the progress. Alright well I wasn't going to add this one is and I'm not taking any photos cause well its kind of gross. Since I got pregnant with my first son I've had really bad dandruff that nothing helps. It sucks having an itchy head all the time and then dealing with the flakes and scabs and overall icky feeling hair. I had tried using tea tree oil for this before but since this is apparently much stronger than the kind I grabbed at the grocery store so I figured I would hive it a go and and dumped probably a tablespoon in almost full shampoo and conditioner bottles then shook it like crazy then washed and conditioned my hair with it. So far so good at the very least my head isn't itchy for the first time in 6 years.

This is my elbows later that day. 
Man I have found so many uses for this bottle. It definitely helps having a big bottle instead of the piddly 10 to 15ml bottles essential oils usually come in. So far I've added it into my shampoo and conditioner with great results, I've added it into my cleaning spray which was already a powerhouse with alcohol water and thieves oil but now with the tea tree oil it even poofs away dried on spaghetti sauce (3 boys 5 and under stuff gets everywhere) and makes even my kids bathroom smell fresh. The cream I made is working wonders on my elbows

(The second one is only red because I've been leaning on it)
and even helps with the strange, edge of the diaper rash my little one keeps getting. I really am looking forward to doing some of the recipes they sent with it but I'm having so much fun playing with it on my own and I just wanted to share this info out to y'all. So if you'd like to get your own bottle you can find it here --> tea tree oil uses and all the awesome things you can do with it can be downloaded here! Enjoy!
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