Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day by Day Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum review

*I received this product free for review via Tomoson.com

OK so I woke up this morning, took this picture
First off let me say I look really bad in the mornings. So I went in and washed my face with water (my normal skincare routine) and then used some witch hazel as a toner like it says in the instructions to do then I applied the serum on my face and neck avoiding my eyes but I skipped the d├ęcolletage, no thanks, my cleavage is just fine. 
This is right after, now I did use the eye gel I have as well since this can't be used there. It feels weird using all of these things on my face, is this the normal thing for women my age? It feels like its making my face tighter as it dries, is it supposed to sting like this?? You are also suppose to use a moisturizer after and another serum before but I don't have these things so I skip it. I am definitely not enjoying this experience.

Here is a photo of the product and the card that comes with it to thank you for your order. It comes with just a twist off cap on it and the pump dispenser to the side.

On the side of the lablel it says
 " Our premium hydaluronic acid serum is an advanced delivery system for the highest quality, potent hydaluronic acid & essential vitamins. While increasing collagen production and protecting with antioxidants, this serum hydrates, combats fine lines and wrinkles, and restores healthier, beautiful skin."
Right now all I still feel is a tingling stinging annoyance all over my face. Even if this stuff works I don't know if it will be worth it. Maybe I'm not the typical chick but I think I'd rather keep some wrinkles than feel like this every day but maybe its just a first day thing
Its been an hour so here's my face again
Not seeing any difference yet.
Alright its day 3 and I have an update, it no longer stings when I apply it or maybe I've gotten used to the feeling. 
To me I haven't noticed anything yet other than the fact that paying attention to this stuff just makes me feel bad, plus it seems to be drying out my skin. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. In the directions it says to use it after their vitamin c serum, but as they didn't include that or any moisturizer that they mention using after  I am only using the product they sent me. I'm starting to worry that I may actually be damaging my skin with this product.
On the other hand my husband just complemented me by saying that my face looks smoother and I haven't gotten any zits since using it. Maybe I'm over anaylizing, in any case I will need to continue using it to see if there are any results I personally notice. I did just receive a vitamin c serum to review from another company and since they are suggested for use together, I'm going to start with that one tomorrow to try to bring this up another notch and find out if their suggested combination of serums works better.

  1. Wow what a difference! I do still feel a little strange putting all this stuff on my face everyday but I've been getting compliments on my skin like crazy and wow my face is so smooth! The wrinkles in my forehead that I honestly didn't notice before starting this are starting to go away! Please ignore the mosquito bites I got yesterday.
All in all this is a great product. I had a rough start with it I assume because my skin simply isn't used to this type of treatment(any type of treatment for that matter) and I think I'm going to keep up the routine. My skin feels better just sitting there too. It used to have a slight itch to it I assume from being dry which is gone now.
I did not think I would grow to love this product. You can check it out here
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