Tuesday, July 8, 2014

canvas HQ review and giveaway! (closed)

I got this product for free toreview thanks to tomoson.com

Ok so this one I'll have to admit I was more than a little excited about and I hope you are too. Did you know you can take any picture that you want and turn it into a work of art? A canvas print of your kids in their natural cuteness like I got.
Coming from an impromptu snapshot I took off my phone. Way easier than trying to get them to cooperate in a studio setting. Plus what about cute things you've snapped your pets doing or those awesome scenery shots you were lucky to capture? They really aren't even that expensive especially considering you can get any size that suits your needs (or your pocketbook)
Just in landscape format they have sizes from 7"x6" up to 96" x 55" for square frames your options are from 6" x6" to 55"x55" and your portrait options run from 6"x7" to 55"x96" you also can chose the depth option of your choice from .75" to 2.5" deep you even get to pick what's going on on the edges whether its your favorite color or simply the photo wrapping around.
 I chose black and .75 inches on a square 14x14 frame
 They have contact information in case you receive it as a gift or simply forget where you can get more
 They let you name your work and put it right on the print
It already included the hook to hang it with!

Now how it works is you go to their site pick your photo, start choosing the sizes and options, as you go along the price convinently updates so you know what everything cost you and you can cut corners here and there and you can also see what your canvas will look like once its finished so you can chose the right frame. After you've finished and ordered it you will get an email a few days later after these cleaned yo your picture some if need be and have perfected it they send you an email preview where you can decide to approve it or if it needs more work and if so what. Once you're happy they will begin making your canvas and fed ex it out to you very well packaged. I was very happy with the service and the canvas looks amazing! The kids love it too! Now what you are going to need to do to have a chance to win one for yourself? Easy, go over and like their Facebook page, mine too while your at it. Then comment below and subscribe to my youtube channel then comment on my YouTube video that you'd like to be entered and your done! I'll be doing the drawing on august the 8th so please enter before then and while you're at it share this blog link with your friends and family so they have a chance to win as well! (Not required but you are a nice person aren't you?) Good luck!
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