Thursday, July 3, 2014

Natures best vitamin c serum review

I received this product for free from

OK so I've actually been using this for a couple of days now today being the second day. I really like it. Its thin so you need to use quite a bit of it to cover your face but it feels so nice on and doesn't feel oily or greasy. It absorbs in fast and left my face feeling soft it also had a definite boosting effect on the hyaluronic acid serum I was using since it added some needed moisture into the mix. It has a nice small as well. The container could have been a bit more convienent to use as it comes with a glass bulb dropper instead of a pump. Although that will never get clothes and there are no springs to contend with I worry how well it would travel and if the serum having vitamin c that usually is derived from citrus would eat the rubber bulb  were the bottle to tip to the side. Just in case I suggest you hold onto the original cap if all possible for anytime you plan on taking it with you.
Wow I really love this stuff! Even all by itself it makes my skin feel super soft, I found it is actually easier to blend in if I drip it directly on my face. For comparison I'll post side by side pictures of the day before I started using this and today.

If you notice this product is also 72% organic 98% naturally derived and not tested on animals. I really like it. I've never tried another vitamin c serum and so have nothing to compare it to but if you would like to check it out you can find it here.
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