Saturday, June 28, 2014

Peas and Hambone versus Flesh-Eating Zombie Gorillas by Todd Nicholas book review

OK I received this book free to review via
I have been reading this to my kids every day whenever we get the time to, they are 4 and 5 years old and are just loving the story. It really seems like the author is able to realistically capture the mind of the ten year old main character. The book itself is action packed and doesn't dwell on the details like a story meant for adults tends to do which makes it fun and easy to want to keep reading. There is definitely some bathroom humor involved which the kids found silly once I explained to them what it meant (the one with two E's reference was a bit over their heads at first). Despite being a book about zombie gorillas trying to take over the world, it is not scary. Instead it just keeps getting funnier as the boy (Peas) and his trouble making talking dog (Hambone) keep trying to find a solution to the zombie problem and instead keep running into unhelpful adults and getting away based on dumb luck.
I honestly can't wait to find out how things work out, I think I'm just as caught up in the story as my kids are. Since I don't plan on giving away the ending anyway I'm publishing this review now with no spoilers. I will say if you have boys this is definitely something you should consider for their summer or recreational reading. It is a very cute book and very much suited for children the same age as the main character or even younger! You can find it here for your convenience.
Just had to update what a crazy twist ending. I love irony!

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