Friday, July 3, 2015

Matcha DNA ceremonial tea set.

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone as you may already know I have previously reviewed this product so I am going to focus on the goodies included in this set other than the matcha itself which is still my favorite brand to date.

For the review of the Matcha DNA itself click here.

Please note I much prefer this made into a matcha latte and don't actually use it for ceremonial purposes.

This kit was so nice,  it came with a beautiful ceramic bowl with a really pearly overtone,  a nice wooden spoon,  a bamboo whisk and a holder for the whisk.
The holder for the whisk was green,  I think if would have been much nicer if it matched up.  The box itself was a sturdy cardboard with magnetic closure.  It also included a small product sample.

At this point I feel the need to apologize to you and to the maker of this beautiful set.  I had previously written up and I thought posted this review.  Apparently the posting part did not happen and I fear I may have accidentally deleted it instead.  I don't have any pictures of the set anymore so I haven't posted any but will do my best to recall every thought I had whilst testing this set.

OK at first I was simply shocked at the cost of the kit,  matcha is pricey but there was so little included in the kit,  that hardly matters.  The whisk and bowl are awesome,  I am able to mix up the matcha wonderfully without any clumps happening.  The spoon is nice but I wish it was polished smoother,  not because there is anything wrong with it,  I'm just weird about being able to feel wood grain ( gives me the bad goosebumps,  happening now just from the thought grr,  moving on)  I don't care for the whisk holder.  It will stand on its own and so this part isn't really necessary.  I would much prefer a little ceramic pot with lid to serve the powder from,  just seems like it would be fancier and more useful,  or even little hinged tin full of the tasty powder.  Those are my thoughts anyway.

I still definitely think this set is worth it as is and would make a lovely gift  for any tea enthusiasts.  My husband has since stolen the bowl to use as a shave bowl.  Works great for that as well,  both the matcha and the shave soap want a nice warm bowl that holds heat to work their magic in.  The whisk works just fine on its own as well.  My son took the box to keep his treasures in so really with or without matcha practically the whole kit has uses.

If you would like to pick up a set for yourself,  and umm actually see what I am talking about you can do so here.

They also sell the parts of the kit really liked individually just click on the seller page.

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