Sunday, July 12, 2015

Perennial essentials mini flexible cutting mat set

I received this product for free to review

So, this is a set of 4 mats which turned out to be really handy. Now they have icons and different colors on them to help you keep track with what you are using them for such as meat, fish, fruit and veggies just in case you are using them all in a big meal.

These are really tiny little cutting mats, and are a great alternative to getting out my big cutting boards for every little meal and I can just toss them in the dishwasher when I'm done.

The handles on them are big enough that I could if I chose to, hang them directly on my cabinets instead of storing them inside. They weigh practically nothing and are flexible so you can easily pick it up to dump whatever is on it onto where ever you need to. I even used it to flour some cubed steaks so I could use some of the flour in making the gravy and dump the rest while having a nice flat surface bigger than a plate to work with.

Another cool little feature it has are the little dots and measurement markers which really make it even more of a tool to cook with and a little less just something you can throw down on the table to cut your food without

It's a really good little set, so far not a mark on it from cutting up food or even using my little onion chopper thing (think slap chop) right on it. By far though my favorite use is sticking it under my mandolin where it catches everything neatly and gives me the freedom to slide my mandolin or the cutting mat so the stack of cut food doesn't stop more food from getting cut plus I can pick it up like I mentioned before and not end up with a dirty counter or a dirty counter and a dirty bowl or plate that was trying to catch it. Being so thin makes it perfect, pretty much as flat as the counter. I'm really glad I got to check them out and at this price I can really recommend them to anyone. If you want, you can pick up a set here.

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