Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blisslii manual coffee grinder

I received this product for free to review.

So, I've been a coffee drinker as far back as I can remember, which is pretty much since I was 9. However drinking even cheap coffee can be expensive, I've been striving for a better, easier, quicker, cleaner cup of coffee for years. I've switched from a drip brewer with its paper filters to a french press, to an older model Keurig with refillable cups. I've switched from pre-ground to grind your own and finally have found what I've been looking for.

Now, this is not my first coffee grinder. On the day I picked up my first french press in a grocery store, I was ecstatic to spot a coffee grinder near by. Of course this was the cheap, basic, two blade, electric coffee and herb grinder. It required a precise amount of coffee, being filled to capacity or it refused to do more than mix the beans. you slid the lid on to use it and had to hold the button down the entire time to grind it, which for how fine I wanted it, was about as long as it took to boil the water. Half of the coffee would end up a fine powdery espresso like grind, the other half would be about the same as store bought regular ground coffee. On top of that the little thing would get hot while working and it was a pain to get the lid off even when you know exactly what you are doing. Not that this didn't get the job done mind you, it just didn't do it well.

Enter: The age of ceramics! Or rather re-enter but that doesn't sound as dramatic. Yes, like many things in our race for the top, we left the better option behind for the perceived benefit of an electric model. But, ceramic grinders are expensive, and I did already have a coffee grinder. It cant be that different can it?? Yes, yes it can.

I was ecstatic when I was chosen to get to test this one out for ya'll. First off I get to find out first hand what the big deal is. Secondly, this one really isn't expensive. It does cost more than my old grinder but at the time of this post its only 30 bucks so its definitely affordable.

Ok. Enough back story. Its here! the first thing I did with it after photographing all of the parts putting it together and figuring out how to adjust it was grind some coffee! I did three different grinds each with only a single scoop of beans from the provided scoop.
Comes very well protected

Instructions, grinder, scoop clip, crank

As apart as you'll likely need it. grinder chamber, cap,
collection chamber, scoop,crank

Ceramic plates and adjustment screw

What the coffee bean sees before it crumbles

Inside the collection chamber

How much coffee I used.

Coffee in grinder

How much comes out.

clockwise from top left: fine, medium, course. Notice how all the grains are
actually the same size instead of being all jumbled.

how many times I turned the screw starting with as tight as it goes

It takes me about three scoops to use my french press and less than one to fill the k cup. The finer the grind, the longer it takes cause you are basically shaving the bean but coarser grinds are super quick. I tend to stick with about 2 or 3 turns in for my single cup of coffee and only fill the k cup half way. since I drink alot of coffee now that its nice and fresh, and alot less bitter than with my previous grinding methods. I honestly never knew I cared, I tend to keep the hopper full and grind as I go. In fact the only downside is I am pretty sure this has killed me for having coffee outside of my house and has turned me into even more of a coffee snob than ever. If you would like to pick up your own Blisslii grinder, you can do so here.

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