Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I received this product for free to review.

Since it is a musical instrument I posted a video review of it. Made more sense to me.

So I've never played many instruments. I suppose the keyboard what what I excelled in if anything so as excited as I was to get this to review being a huge Zelda fan since it came in that awesome special golden cartridge, I was also a bit nervous to try to learn to play the thing to do my review. after trying to use the music that came with it as simple as it looks to show you where your fingers are supposed to go and I just couldn't get it. looking it up online didn't help much either until I tried a song I know from the keyboard. That's when I realized I could play it the same way I had learned a keyboard (by the number) and then man oh man it was easy. I could play anything I could find written out for a keyboard with numbers and maybe eventually translate a few of the 'tabs' I found to this musical language I actually understood! This is awesome! But then I started coming across songs that use the back side of the ocarina (6-11 in my world) and they were incredibly hard to play because you had to be so careful to blow this precisely correct amount of air to get it to sound right... nay to get it to sound anything. I don't know if all ocarina are this hard to play but I think it would take years to learn to consistantly be able to play the high notes on this one. I also think it would be cool if it was made from something less breakable than ceramic though it is beautiful, I worry about it breaking all the time.

If you like it you can pick one up for yourself here.

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