Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Healthy cell advanced cellular nutrition

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. So though I suck at it I ultimately try to be healthy. Did I mention I suck at it? So these are way more than vitamins. They contain tons of real food real nutrition combined in such a way that they preform a very specific function. I stole these pictures from them cause, my box was destroyed before I got the chance for pictures, hope no one minds.

Besides, I am pretty sure these are much clearer than mine would have been.
Now as you can see there is a daytime and night time set and they each contain some of the same and some different nutrients in different concentrations for different reason that I'm sure work great together when you take them correctly. my issue is, I remember in the morning to take them. they give me a nice level of wakefulness and I feel good but I always forget to take the second set without fail. The sad part being the night time version would probably help me fall asleep and therefore really need the morning boost a bit less cause you know I might actually be sleeping. But despite being up most nights until the early morn I still cannot bring myself to remember such a little thing as taking a second set of vitamins in the evening. Now because I keep eating the morning vitamins and not the evening ones the whole box is imbalanced so in order to start taking them properly I would have to buy a second set. Its a convenient thing to most people I am sure, for both the am and pm versions to reside in a single box but for people like me it would be nice if I could purchase the blends individually. In any case despite taking them only half ways and intermittently at best, I still had a very positive experience with these and urge you especially if you are better at remembering these types of things than I am to try it out yourself and you can pick it up right here if you are so inclined.

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