Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Protege Beauty Resurface

Hey everyone! If you will recall I received this product for free to review over a year ago. In any case they asked me to remove my review. I did because I was new at this and they were the one that gave me the product and requested that I review it in the first place so I felt that it was their right to do so. Unfortunately, I no longer have any pictures from the original review but I do remember the experience. I had tried to find something nice to say about the product but I couldn't. It was just awful to me. It had a very strong odor and I say odor because I can't call it a scent. It stung my eyes with them closed, I couldn't sleep the night I tested it because of that, I saw no benefits off of that single use and can't say whether or not it would have helped had i used it longer but I couldn't bring myself to go through it again. I can not recommend that anyone use this but as always the choice is yours and you can pick it up here.

So you know I did contact the company and tried to explain to them that they made a mistake having added me on to the promotion again but as they didn't respond they have forced me to re write my original feelings about their product.

To my long time readers, sorry for the repost.

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