Friday, June 13, 2014

Kiss Me Organics Organic Matcha culinary grade green tea powder

*I received this product at no cost for the purpose of this review via tomoson and kiss me organics. This does not change my opinion but as it may change yours I wanted to get it out up front so as to not waste anyone's time. Thank you*
OK so just to have my full experience in writing I applied to review this green tea powder and got a response surprisingly quickly. I was sent a code to order this at no cost on along with the link to find it and a picture of the product in question. I was asked only to try it and to write my honest opinion here on my blog for you and if I chose to share it anywhere else well that is my decision. I ordered it easily and as always is my experience with Amazon I received my package in just 2 days via UPS sure post so I didn't even have to be at home waiting around for it. The price on amazon is $25.00 USD with free prime shipping for 4 oz. After ordering I took my time to read the reviews most of which are very positive. There are a few negative reviews but it mostly seems as if they did not notice this is culinary grade Matcha and not ceremonial grade. Also several of them were not amazon verified purchases which is strange considering by their own admission the product is only available on Amazon. I did learn quite a bit about Matcha in general by reading the reviews so that was quite the experience. OK so it seems the standards for good Matcha are the color should be very bright green and my package certainly was. The powder should be very fine and it definitely is. It should be sweet and not bitter and with my experience this has varied depending on the concentration of the product. In pure powder form it is not bitter it has almost the taste of grass seed stems. When I had made a paste out of it using 2 teaspoons of water to 1teaspoon of the Matcha powder it was very bitter, but after adding the sierra mist to it the bitterness went away entirely and it ended up tasting like watermelon or like the smell of cut grass which I much prefer to the taste of green tea myself. That and the fact that it says on the package that this has way more antioxidants than brewed green tea it so far seems like a winner in my book. Also while being a very high price for 4 oz of powder it is actually a very low price for Matcha, which apparently typically runs about 4 times higher. The drink I made with it was a thrown together variation on one of the recipes in the e book that comes with the product. I used sierra mist instead of seltzer and lime.

My spam filter may have eaten my copy as I never actually received it but it was easy enough to Google it and find it online for free. I do wish it came with a actual paper version in case you wanted to have it on hand all the time but hey, they are saving trees doing it this way so no fault there at all. You can download it here    if you'd like to check it out yourself go see what you can do with this before buying it. 
Its been about an hour since I drank my glass of it right now and I do feel considerably more awake than I did when I drank it. I don't feel wired or bursting with energy by any means but my headache has gone away and I don't feel as disoriented as I did I'll come back and update this later today.

OK so I did come back and update this, and I tried grabbing some links for y'all and then suddenly everything I had typed in my update disappeared. So I will re write it now as close as I can to how it was then.

OK so today has actually been pretty great! About an hour after drinking the Matcha infused sierra mist my "I didn't get enough sleep headache" was gone, around the 3 hour mark I found myself chasing my kids around the house, having tickle fights with them just being happy and active and feeling not artificially awake like coffee makes you but like I had really had a good nights sleep (which I did not) and had a good breakfast (another one that didn't really happen) This was way different from how days that start out like this one did usually end up. Normally if I haven't gotten enough sleep I'm in a crabby mood all day, trying to just get awake which hits its pinnacle around 4pm when I literally want nothing but silence and for my headache to go away. I was shocked that this actually made me feel better, with just one glass. The taste was not bad either. I can definitely imagine myself finishing off this bag and then ordering more when I'm out, provided these benefits don't go away with extended use. All in all if I had bought this with my own money I think it would have been worth it just for that one awesome day with my kids. Its the next morning and I've just had another glass, this time with orange juice, I like the taste better with the sierra mist but it still goes down the same plus it took away my headache and cleared my head enough to enable me to write this.

I've also done a video review

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