Monday, July 20, 2015

Organic handmade wool drier balls

I recieved this product for free to review

Hey everybody! So as I've mentioned,  lately I have been doing a lot of switching.  In in effort to both save money and reduce household waste I have ditched a lot of disposable household products in favor of reusable versions.  I've ousted tampons,  diapers,  baby wipes,  paper towels and laundry soap so far. It's been going great!  I've been saving tons of money and my trash can has never been lighter.  The only issue I've had is my electric bill,  it's gone up by about $20/month on average since switching over to the cloth,  washable version of these items.  It's nowhere near negating the vast financial savings or even touching the environmental improvement I've made but,  I can do better!

So I made it my mission to find a great company to work with so I can add some wool drier balls to the mix.  Why?  Well I've done quite a bit of research and it turns out that for one thing the crap on drier sheets isn't that great for you,  for another that's yet another disposable item (albeit a very low cost one) that I simply don't need since it turns out these balls of wool actually prevent static by keeping your laundry hydrated as it dries,  help to soften clothes and reportedly make them dry even faster!

OK this company claims that their products are hand made by women in Nepal and it helps with their education.  In fact let me just quote them.

Enjoy more benefits:
*Chemical free -  eliminating harmful chemicals and potential toxins that can irritate skin
*Saves you money and time - shortens drying time
*Eco-friendly, Hypo-allergenic, fragrant free
*Reduces static cling and eliminates wrinkles
*Wool is naturally mildew resistant and safe for those who have wool sensitivities
*Eliminates chemical buildup in your dryer, dryer ducts and on your clothing
*Softens your precious fabric making it soft on skin.  Perfect for baby!
*Quieter in the dryer compared to felt and plastic dryer balls
*Great for sheets and towels - more fluffy, less balling and twisting
*Lasts for thousands of loads - no more expensive dryer sheets
*Contains no fillers or additives - 100% natural
Each purchase prospers fair trade for education, medical care and the livelihood for underprivileged woman of remote Nepal who handcraft, with love and care, each wool ball and purse.  Proceeds from each sale helps rebuild communities impacted by the recent earthquake .
We thank you for your support!

So see they seem like a great company and these balls have tons of benefits.  Now I normally dry my clothes on the longest dry time of the high heat setting so my first test was using the elusive energy preferred setting,  still on the high heat and my clothes came out dry and static free! I did use all 6 balls,  I didn't see the point of not just leaving them all in the drier all the time.

Oh I did forget to mention this does come with a couple of bonuses,  an adorable sheep shaped coin purse and a nice drawstring bag you could store these in.

for the second test I went full on eco.  Energy preferred, low heat,  automatic dry with a full load of clothes and still they came out perfectly dry and static free! I don't have to buy drier sheets anymore and my drier is so fast it actually finishes before the washer is done.  I am looking forward to my next electric bill.  If you are interested you can pick up a set for yourself right here.

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