Monday, December 1, 2014

MeasuPro IRT20 Temperature Gun Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting

OK this has some really cool features.

My husband is an HVAC tech so this is actually a product that I am familiar with using. It had the battery included I love that little fact since so many things don't and sometimes they don't actually say so when you buy online so that was a great little extra! Anyway the temperature gun is very easy to use. Its easy to identify hot and cold spots and of course the temperature of any given thing but what I like about this one is you can turn the back light and the laser off and on.

You can also switch between °c and °f so that's cook but my husbands has a laser that moves I suppose to show the spread of the gauge where its hitting whish I suppose has its own benefits but its annoying and you can't turn it off either. This one even the kids can use and I don't have to worry about them blinding each other with the laser light. It is very light in weight so I doubt you'd notice any extra weight in a tool bag or purse even. The packaging was very easy to open so much so I could even put it back in to store it and protect it in between uses. It has the same accuracy as my husbands temperature gun too so I'm guessing its pretty accurate. Heck it was even easy to install the battery! I did receive this for free for testing and reviewing it but the price it is currently listed at is really good I'll say at 20$ I really don't have a single complaint. If you'd like one for yourself you can pick not up here.

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